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  1. buzzbuzz1

    FIFTH try and PASSED NCLEX-RN April'2019

    WOWZA!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!! Putting down how many hours, study guides all that! It's so hard being a working mom and studying. It's given me hope. Currently, my second NCLEX is Friday (there's no way I'm going to pass it)I work as a nurse in the NHS and am also moving to the states. So too much going on this second. But you have given me hope! Congrats and welcome to the sisterhood of nurses!
  2. buzzbuzz1

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    It's the actual knowledge base behind the NCLEX itself. It's making me feel like I'm an incompetent nurse, though I've been working as one for the last 5 years in the NHS!!! I'm using the Kaplan study guide, but it really seems like the entry level nursing stateside is more like being a doctor. I just don't get how to study EVERYTHING. I'm wondering how you guys going through the process and passed it? Also, the cost of the CGFNS is ridiculous, which is putting the pressure on to pass the NCLEX.
  3. buzzbuzz1

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    This is a bit off subject, but how did you guys managed the NCLEX? I'm English trained (presently working as an RN) and am really struggling with it. On my second try. My CGFNS stuff expires/repay and it's just costing oh so much? Any tips? (Let us know what the BBB says if you contact them)
  4. buzzbuzz1

    Australian RN seeking advice

    I graduated nursing in England. Our program threw us basically into either Adult, MH, Children's or LD. I had hardly any children's (only lectures) and no maternity. Like you, I was scared! Go ahead and get your university to fill out all the information and send it off. I found I was needlessly worrying about areas I had no experience in at school, as my credentials were accepted. You'll be alright 🙂
  5. buzzbuzz1

    CGFNS Re-evaluation question

    Have you considered reporting them to the BBB? I know it doesn't help the immediate. I find them to be rude and a horrible organization to work with. It's cost an arm and a leg to pay for the credentialing then it feels like it expires as soon as everything is accepted. It's just a huge money making scheme! Good luck getting all your stuff!
  6. buzzbuzz1

    How I passed and what worked for me

    Thanks for posting this! Very inspiring. I'm like you, US born and raised but studied nursing in England. The CGFNS process about did my head in. Now I'm gearing up to take the NCLEX for the second time in a week. I'm using Kaplan review too. Although, working as a nurse and raising a family has made studying very difficult. So at this point I am barely through Phase 1. But I hope to stick with it and preserver! And congrats to you!
  7. buzzbuzz1

    Finally Passed on the 10th try

    Very inspirational! I'm moving to the States in two weeks. Taking my nclex in England right before I go. I'm an RN over here, but I'm thinking I'll get a job in a hospital as an HCA to see how the US hospitals works (assuming I don't pass the NCLEX)...and carry on studying!
  8. buzzbuzz1

    Finally Passed on the 10th try

    This is exactly what I'm wondering.
  9. buzzbuzz1

    NCLEX 4/30

    Hey! Good luck! I'm on my second attempt 5/3. I've only used Kaplan, however the actual test was reflective of the practice tests. (And just as hard!) I'm a foreign trained nurse, so it's blowing my mind.
  10. buzzbuzz1

    Moving to Kentucky from England

    Hi there, Just a quick question for those who have taken and not passed the NCLEX. Is it true that you have to literally reapply to the Kentucky BON every time? And pay the associated fees? I find it hard to believe, that even though they have all the information that we would have to fork out for not passing the NCLEX the first time. Have to have a doctor's wage if this is the case. Many thanks for your input.
  11. buzzbuzz1

    UK Trained Nurse Moving to US

    Hi I am about to graduate from a UK nursing degree program. I am also an American looking to move back to the States. Thank you for the advise that you posted. Would it be easier to use CGFNS and NClex from the States than doing it all in England?