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    Heel Warmers

    Hey NICU friends. So our NICU doesn't use heel warmers for lab draws. A long time ago 1 baby got burned so they took them away. We've had many traveling NEOs ask why we don't use them. Our policy states to put warm water in a diaper and place that on the foot. The large problem is that our unit struggles with even having warm water. By the time the diaper is removed from the foot, the foot is cold. And we haven't seen a difference in our lab results. Typically we only attempt to warm the heels to keep our potassium results lower. However, by nursing requests and physician requests were are looking at using heel warmers again. We have had some travel nurses come through here and they swear by them. We do have them in the hospital because lab and postpartum use them. We are mainly wanting them for our bigger hypoglycemic kids. Long story short, what is your experience? Do you like them, do you not like them? I'm also having trouble finding some evidence based articles supporting their use. Of course I can find support literature from the company that makes them. So if anyone has any articles, that would be great too. Thanks!!

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