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  1. Keyauna

    Endo and inexperienced nurse! Help

    I am currently applying for an Endo position at North Oaks. Has anyone worked in this field? Is it hard to learn the procedures?
  2. Keyauna

    Healthcare Temp Agencies

    Try applying with Occuvax. They are a contract company and hire new grads. YOu are just giving flu shot and they give you training. Go to Occuvax.com or put it in bing. Sign up and training are online and they start sending you out on August 18th. Will email facilities on Aug 11th. You can pick which locations you want to work and all. Good luck.
  3. I just left a nursing home and was looking into other places of work. I do not want to work at a nursing home or hospital being that I am 6 months pregnant? Any other ideas anyone? I live in the state of Louisiana.
  4. Keyauna

    New Nurse and Doing Home Health

    Thank you very much
  5. Keyauna

    New Nurse and Doing Home Health

    Can a new grad do home health in Louisiana? My sister in law has just gotten her license and we were trying to see if it is somehow possible. Maybe a contract nurse? Any advice please?
  6. Keyauna

    Louisiana LPN non floor jobs??

    I recently quit my first nursing job of 7 months at a nursing home because of how the facility was run, lack of communication with DON, and total disrespect of the bosses. I do not want another floor job. I was looking into contractors, Occuvax, home health, or hospice. Most of these require a year, but I called a few places and its okay. Any other places? Any advice? Looking closer to the Covington/Hammond area.