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  1. LJP085

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    I work in a hospital and I like it very much. Although, I think I am being rather restricted in my experience, as I just work on the medical floor. At my six-month mark, I get the opportunity to transfer to different departments. I think I'll transfer to the Float Pool - I'd get paid more and I'd be working in different areas of the hospital every week.
  2. LJP085

    Looking for advice, just starting out as a CNA

    I was wondering about additional certifications and training for CNAs - the hospital where I just got a job offers several employee training and certification education courses like advanced basic life support, IV therapy, pediatric life support and others - would I, as a CNA, be allowed to take these courses? I wanna be as useful to the hospital as possible. Any advice?
  3. LJP085

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    I am a CNA and I just got a job in a hospital. I don't start for another couple weeks, but I am very excited. I plan to work in this hospital while I work my way up to LPN then to RN. It's like being a child and watching yourself grow up. It's so cool.