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  1. RNoftheflies

    OB online courses/edu opportunities

    Anyone know if there are any classes you can take without enrolling in an entire program to get education in OB nursing? Either CEUs or actual classes at universities where you can just take 1 class. I'm looking to strengthen my non-OB nursing resume and the birth place manager recommend "to take a class." I've been a nurse for 4 years (3 acute care med/surg and 1 cardiac critical care). I'm ready to do whatever it takes! Thanks!
  2. RNoftheflies

    1st time Camp Nurse for Down Syndrome

    Thank you for the advice! Any tips on how to manage med pass for up to 60 campers? I think my entire meal will be spent handing out meds. Do the kids usually come to the nurse with the counselor, or will the nurse seek out each child?
  3. RNoftheflies

    1st time Camp Nurse for Down Syndrome

    Hi, I've been a nurse for 3 years now on an adult med-telemetry unit and I'm going to be a overnight camp nurse for a week for children with Down Syndrome. I will be the only medical professional at camp. Any tips on camp nursing; what to wear? be prepared for? useful phone apps? how to prepare for med pass? ect.? As well as any advice about what kinds of meds children might be on? Thanks!
  4. RNoftheflies


    Yes! You should join. It's worth the money! Go to the NSNA annual convention if you can! I found it to be very valuable.
  5. RNoftheflies

    Nursing Student Association conference

    YES!!! YOU SHOULD GO!!! IT IS SO HELPFUL AND IS REALLY FUN!!!! I went to two NSNA annual conventions, as a junior and senior. I also attended my state's SNA convention one year. I found them to be really helpful. My junior year, I learned about different nursing specialities. There are 2 1-hour break out sessions on Thurs/Fri/Sat. Lots to learn about. Awesome and very motivating daily speakers. If you're interested in grad school someday, there is a huge convention hall FILLED with different schools from all around the country, with representatives waiting to meet you and give you free stuff!! My senior year, I utilized the free resume/cover letter help, where professors of nursing read over my stuff and gave me advice. Both years, I took the mini-NCLEX prep class. I found it helpful as a junior to get my started thinking about what the NCLEX would be like. Senior year, it was a great review of material that I learned junior year liked Peds and Med/Surg, that I had forgotten. It's fun to go to a new city, take a few days off from school, and see new things. If other classmates go, you'll have a great opportunity to get to know them better. My classmates junior year became my "go-to" friends during senior year of nursing, NCLEX, job hunting, and now RN life. One year I presented a research poster. If you can afford it, both financially and to take time away from school, for sure go! It'll be great!
  6. If you are just a member in the organization, I agree with those who posted before me, it really doesn't matter to an employer. However, if you held a leadership role, that does help! I was president of my school's SNA chapter, and the hiring manager asked me about that during the interview. If you can manage to fit that in your schedule, go for it!!
  7. Give HR a call. Perhaps even email the manager, however usually the managers can't extend an offer of employment, that has to be done by someone in HR. I had a similar situation for my RN job where I was a student nurse intern. I interviewed (for the unit I was an intern on) on a Tuesday. The manager said I'd hear back by Friday, or the following Monday at the latest. If I didn't hear anything, that meant I didn't get the job. I never heard anything. 2 weeks after I interviewed, and 8 days after I should've heard by the latest, I got a call from HR offering me the job. Hospitals/HR depts/Managers are slow. Don't give up hope yet!!
  8. RNoftheflies

    Best path to RN

    Go for the BSN!! It might be more expensive, but it should get you to your end goal of RN status a bit quicker. Not to mention, then you'll have your Bachelors (again) in nursing! I'm from the Midwest, and many jobs postings say "BNS preferred" or even "BNS only" - just something to think about.