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  1. FutureRN_15

    Please help my grades are killing me!!

    Is that GPA including all of your prereqs. needed for the program you're applying for? To be honest, the 2 different GPAs may definitely affect you but there should be some program you are accepted into. What about applying for every program possible or speaking to the academic advisor and getting their opinion? Maybe they will encourage you to take a few classes to increase your cum. gpa? Good luck to you!
  2. FutureRN_15

    Lack of reviews for nursing instructors

    I don't think ratemyprofessor is really on the mind of a nursing student...we kind of just accept the faculty we get as we have no other choice. I go to a great nursing program with great professors and you might find one on that site...it doesn't mean the professors aren't great though! I only visited ratemyprofessor for my associates degree as I had like 4 professors to choose from...
  3. FutureRN_15

    Does your senior year get any better?

    I think this greatly depends on the program you are in. Personally, I feel like my junior year was harder than my senior year. (I am going in to my last semester this Fall). Last semester, I still had to study and manage my time but I was not nearly as overwhelmed as I had been the year prior. The subject matter was also different and I enjoyed most of what I was learning. I would still intend to put work in and manage your time but I would expect you get some sort of break. Last semester was the first time I felt like I could actually relax some after clinicals and not study every minute of every day. Congrats to you and graduation is just around the corner! Keep your head up!
  4. FutureRN_15

    newbie and nervous

    Study smarter, not harder! Time management is key! Be thorough in your work. Get a study buddy if you feel like you are having a hard time understanding the material. These classes are CRUCIAL for you to be admitted into a nursing school. Every class you take from this point on determines the path you'll be able to take as far as the school you want to go to for BSN to DNP, if you intend to continue your education. Don't take these classes lightly. Good luck to you! I'm sure you'll do great!
  5. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    If she is asked when she graduates, you obviously tell when. She did not make it seem this unit was aware she was a nursing student. "Stretch the truth" means not speaking on the topic and if asked about future goals..."stretch the truth". This has nothing to do with being asked when she is graduating. @nursebaby88 take the interview as it comes and feel the vibe during the interview, just like anyone else would do. You will be a nurse therefore should have good judgment...
  6. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    If this is the case, then the answer is obvious.
  7. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    Lying and "stretching the truth" are two different things. Maybe I should have continued to use that term, rather than lying? I would never get a job if I said, "Oh! I only intend to be here for 6 months!" I work for a hiring manager and she has specifically said they don't hire people if they have an inkling they will leave. Most units have such high turnover rates, they cant afford to spend the money AND time on a new hire for them to just leave months later.
  8. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    Exactly the reason to NOT tell the truth...how do you get your foot in the door otherwise?
  9. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    They will not overlook her for the grad program...based on whether she tells the truth or not...for time to prepare for her to be admitted. The grad program admission process is probably based on the requirements for any other grad nursing program. Not whether you told a "lie" but based on your GPA, performance, experience, etc.
  10. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    Everyone seems to think people don't lie to climb the ladder? You have got to be kidding me! As much as everyone wants to think if you tell the truth, it will get you far. No it won't. Stop being ignorant and realize everyone makes choices based off of selfishness. Managers are use to this, they will not come back and say well...you lied to me. @nursebaby88, all you have to do is say I have graduated from such and such program and would like to apply for the graduate program blah blah. And most likely, that manager has NOTHING to do with the grad program.
  11. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    I think that is a SMART plan! Good luck to you and all of your endeavors!
  12. FutureRN_15

    Should I tell the truth about graduating to get a job?

    I would stretch the truth. Of course it's not what you want to do but you have to look out for yourself. Employers hire people who think they will stick with them for a long time. Although they want to know that you are a motivated individual and have goals...they don't really like to know that you are pursuing further education.
  13. FutureRN_15


    Don't let that discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Every one has a past and mistakes they aren't exactly proud of. Have you taken your prerequisites for nursing yet? If not, start there. Those classes will bring your gpa up before applying to nursing school. Take them one at a time if you need to, to ensure you make an A in the class. There's always a way, you just have to find it. Keep your head up!
  14. FutureRN_15

    UF BSN-DNP 2015

    Hi all, I am currently a BSN student at JU. I plan to apply to UF BSN-DNP program after gaining clinical experience on the floor, preferably pediatrics. I've seen the requirements on the UF website, I'm just curious for those who have gotten in - what were your GRE scores, overall GPA, experience, etc.? Thank you!!
  15. FutureRN_15

    Student Loans - What repayment plan?

    If you are working, I would definitely consider making payments on the interest while in school. I have been unable to do that throughout school and wish I had as I am seeing the interest build-up as time goes on.
  16. FutureRN_15

    Student Loans - What repayment plan?

    As far as loan forgiveness, it is in regards to public service employees, so yes this would be applicable to you but it doesn't come without limitations (i.e. 10 years of full-time work with 120 minimum payments based on your salary once you graduate, etc.). As far as the repayment plan, this is based on what your financial situation is right now. Are you working? Can you afford to pay the interest right now? Or is it better to wait until you have graduated and pay it then? I know it is very overwhelming, as I am in the same position as you. But this is based on a personal basis rather than, someone being able to provide input to help you out..maybe go talk to the financial advisor at the bank who is lending you money? Good luck to you and all of your endeavors!