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I'm Gabi, mom, navy wife and future nurse! I've recently decided it's the path I want to take, and am just getting a few science courses out of the way before I attempt to get into a program!

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  1. I tried looking into their LPN program, and have been contacted about being enrolled. However, I cannot find anything anywhere with their costs and that scares me. Usually when there is no cost anywhere to be found it isn't a good sign.
  2. GabiSims

    Looking for tips and advice, please!

    Sounds kind of cliche and simple but really just be sure you want it. There will be hard times and times that make you want to run and scream... but if you really want it, you will be able to get through those times and make it in the end. Just keep in mind how much you want this and what it means to you and never give up!
  3. GabiSims


    That sounds pretty good, but I have seen so many random factors mixed into this stuff that I don't think there is really any way to be 100% sure until that letter is in your hand. It does look good though and I'm sure you'll do great!
  4. GabiSims

    Am I going to survive it?

    That's kind of the way I'm looking at it too. If nursing is as intense and time consuming as everyone says, then I think I should be able to handle two science courses if I want to make it through.
  5. GabiSims

    Am I going to survive it?

    My school offers a 12 week summer schedule along with the 8 and 6 week ones. I'm hoping I can get both classes into the 12 week! I took AP chem in high school like 9 years ago, I was scared to take the test though. I've heard a lot of people say chem makes other classes easier, so hopefully the other classes will make chem easier! I've taken med term and I helped my husband get through survey of a&p and most of my family is in the medical field. I'm hoping all of this combined will make it work.
  6. GabiSims


    Well at least you know what is coming this time! You've already gotten rid of the negative relationship and hopefully since some time has passed your mind can be more at ease for studying. Since you already have one attempt at the class, you have a little guidance to what will be important when it comes to studying! You can totally ace it this time around! Keeping a positive mindset can really make a huge difference :)
  7. GabiSims

    How many pre-reqs do you have to go?

    I'm down to 4. Micro and A&P 1 in the spring... chem and A&P 2 in the summer. We got this!
  8. GabiSims

    struggling with 1st semester classes

    Don't give up on yourself or your dreams over a difficult spot. I think every one has areas they struggle with and it differs from person to person. You've made it into the program, and you're here. This means the school saw enough in you to think you can make it. You've already gotten in, don't walk away now. Push and find help wherever you need it. I had a bio teacher that used to tell me it took him years to understand the stuff he is now teaching, and that I should just go see a tutor instead of helping me. It's frustrating and hard. But what I did, was went to several sources to learn the information different ways. I watched youtube teachings, I listened to podcasts, read different books and eventually it all made sense. I'm rambling... but what I mean is, find something that works for you, but don't go backwards. If this is your dream, hold onto it.
  9. GabiSims


    What is it that led to your grade being that low? Was it lack of effort, understanding, or something else entirely. Before spending the time and money on retaking make sure whatever it is that led to the current grade isn't going to happen again. My personal opinion on taking time off, is just don't do it. In my experience taking time off leads to being complacent in my situation and in the end losing motivation. An object in motion stays in motion. If you can talk yourself back into being motivated, continuously moving toward your goal is your best option. You can do it. No one makes it without struggles or reality checks. You could very well just have needed this experience to help you better understand what you need in the future to be successful.
  10. GabiSims

    Am I going to survive it?

    Due to my late decision to go into nursing and my hopes of getting in by 2016 I have a pre-req load with very little flexibility. I got my Bachelor's in sociology, so I'm having to take most of my science courses. Because of the time frame I have, it looks like I will be taking A&P 1 and micro together in the spring, as well as A&P 2 and chem during the summer. Taking the two sciences together scares me, BUT I do have a lot of free time at my office job where I can study and I will only be taking the two classes each term. This will be doable with the right dedication and effort right? I am currently taking med term, human nutrition, and biology with all A's and still have free time. I'm hoping that's a good sign.