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  1. ap05

    Coordination of care

    Hi I'm new to home health. I've done a couple other types of nursing and so far I really like home health. I'm only part time...I honestly don't know how anyone does this full time. The amount of phone calls I make for even 5 or 6 patients is insane. I feel like every week I'm calling 10 doctors...at least. I think I struggle with knowing what is important enough to alert the md, which I know takes time. However is it really necessary to inform the doctor with every bout of loose stools or nausea? I understand if this doesn't improve or if it's part of their diagnosis we are caring for. But I'm finding if I report every change to the md I will be making calls all day, right? We all have minor changes in our appetite, pain, etc. Where do I draw the line? Something else that frustrates me is there is pretty much no guidance. I'm following orders that aren't really ever ordered. I have to hunt down orders from 3 different docs. Why cant they just send appropriate orders instead of us having to ask about everything? It seems so backwards.
  2. ap05

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    So this. I really love being a nurse but there are many nurses roles I really dislike. I've had a few jobs so I'm getting to the point of knowing where I fit. You really need to know your strengths to find a good place in nursing. Plus there is so much flexibility. Another thing is I feel that many nurses just happen to be the type of people that desire a great deal of fulfillment from their jobs. There are millions of people that just go to work for a paycheck but many of us nurses are a different bunch. I've started looking as my job as less of an identity and I'm a bit happier.
  3. Hello all I taught college anatomy and phys, and microbiology for many years prior to nursing, so teaching is something I am passionate about. I made a career change as I've always been interested in nursing and I've been an rn a couple years now. I recently picked up a job teaching a short clinical to lpn students at a local Ltc facility to move towards my goal of teaching again. So far I feel I advocate well for the students. I have them rotate through the facility and follow wound care, dialysis, speech, etc. Each student also spends time with me on the floor. I work aggressively to find the opportunities. My issue is I find it difficult sometimes to know what is appropriate for students to do, and feeling comfortable doing things in a facility I am not an employee of. For instance a patient needed his picc dressing changed. I feel comfortable doing this at my own hospital, but I dont know the policies and procedures here. Lpns actually cant even do this, so is it appropriate for me to do it with them as I am not employed by this facility? Should students be doing certain skills with a facility nurse, or all with me? Basic things like passing meds, giving basic injections, foleys, I don't hesitate. But i leave at times feeling nervous that i overstep my boundaries of what I should be doing. I dont know the facility procedures for so many of these things, so I guess I get a bit nervous. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. ap05

    Licensure by Endorsement

    I just moved to wi from il. It took about two months, however i made a mistake on my application, updated it immediately and it took like 6 weeks for them to recheck. It was kind of ridiculous but i think summer is pretty busy with all the new grads.
  5. I work in hospice and some days are ok but most of my days are pretty crazy. I have a huge territory, generally have 2-3 patients always declining or dying, and frequently have emergencies. We are expected to see at least 5 patients a day but 6 is preferred. Im generally always done with visits by 5 but then i chart...We also take call. No, its not really sustainable.
  6. ap05

    Its probably time for me to leave

    If I could find a 3 12s or 4 10s on call gig, I would jump at it. Those are hard to find. I think I'll end up getting a hospital job and then find a casual position. I think case managing is just not for me, but casual would definitely be a good fit.
  7. I posted a few weeks ago about feeling burnt out, and the feeling has continued. I'm considering leaving after one year. I feel sad about it, though. I feel that maybe I just couldn't hack it, or that maybe I'm not a good nurse. I just cant handle every day being a race to get so much done, driving hundreds of miles a week, on call every other weekend, and just no consistency. I feel like I have no life. I'm so emotionally drained. I realized yesterday I've just stopped caring. I miss working 3 12s. I miss the flexibility. I miss having energy. I know that burn out is fairly common. But I feel guilty, and I feel like a failure. I really love the idea of hospice but I think in practice it's just too much for me.
  8. ap05

    Per diem job with 4 months experience?

    I'm in the same position. I'm finding myself kind of bored with my position and I was hired in January. Hopefully we can get some more input!
  9. I'm a new grad career changer. I've been a nurse for 6 months. I work in acute rehab. Rehab is cool in the sense I see a lot of interesting patients with complex histories. I also love getting to know my patients. However, I'm so tired of the monotony of passing meds all day. I pass meds every other hour. I'm sick of the constant tasks to complete. I never sit down. I feel I don't actually have time with my patients. I don't actually assess them. I do actually feel I've learned quite a bit, but I'm wondering if I should try a year in a different setting. I like my coworkers and I get great pay and benefits so I'm afraid to leave. Also I hear horror stories about hospitals. Some days I barely take a lunch and if a medical floor will be busier I'm not sure how I'll manage. It's gotten to the point though that I dread work and I'm very negative.
  10. ap05

    Pill packets suck

    I love this thread. I can not stand pill packets. Prednisone is driving me nuts lately....it's impossible not to crush it into pieces. And yes those foil packets for pradaxa...what a wate of time and foil.
  11. I'm new to my unit and the pcts run the show. The other day I asked for blood sugars and vitals and I was told "they're on my paper on the other side." Nothing was entered and she was on lunch. So naturally I had to go walk down and search for her papers for the information and half of it was missing. Another day a pct said to me "go make that bed." I have no problem making beds but not when I have meds to pass and you are able to do it. Same pct informed me that she forgot to get vitals at the end of her shift as she sat in the breakroom. Alright rant done...Anyway I feel your pain. You can try sucking up to them...that's kind of my method right now. If you have communicated your concerns I really feel moving on is your only option. At my hospital it's clear this is just how things work so if it continues I'll leave.
  12. I graduated last year. I really only had one professor that sucked. I had some really great clinical instructors. Quarters are fine. I really didn't think it mattered. For any program you get out what you put in. I wasn't a big studier honestly, but I felt I learned.
  13. I went to depaul. I'd focus soley on price honestly. A cnl really doesn't mean much (according to friends that went to rush and got the cnl). I had a good experience at depaul but it was mostly due to an epically awesome cohort. I liked the faculty too. It's pricey though. #poorforlife. Feel free to pm me any questions.
  14. ap05

    Verge of nervous breakdown

    I have anxiety and depression. Actually right now has been exceptionally bad. I just graduated and started a job on an acute rehab facility. I feel stressed at times, but not anywhere near what I'd feel on a general medical floor. I know I'm not cut our for it. I agree with everyone else in that you need to take care of yourself. Just because one environment isn't for you doesn't mean you won't excel in another. I would look for a job maybe outside the hospital environment.
  15. ap05

    8hr Shifts vs 12hr Shifts

    I'm in orientation right now doing PMs and 8s. It's literally the worst shift ever. I switched careers to nursing super excited about working 3 12s so I'm not all that happy I'm going to be working 2 12s and 2 8s when I'm done orienting. Working 8s now I feel like I'm always at work. I suppose the shifts go by faster but I actually don't feel that. Everyone has a preference.
  16. ap05

    Does it matter where I start?

    I'm a new grad that took a job at an acute rehab facility. My hospital is really well known in the field and so far its been a really good experience. I never saw myself doing this, but I took the job because I wanted to a good learning environment for basic nursing skills where patient education was important (patient education is a passion of mine.) After a year or so here I do think that I'll want to move on, and hospice has always been really appealing to me. Is it necessary to work in critical care before hospice? I'm interested in working in Inpatient hospice first, and I'm in a major city so there are quite a few to choose from. My concern is that I have absolutely no desire to work in critical care...ever, and I thought I heard that some places want icu experience first. Will having more general patient care experience hurt my chances or success? In my facility we do get some fairly sick patients that need a higher level of care. For instance we get some patients with metastatic cancer that are more focused on quality of life and gaining function to return home. I'm kind of the type of person that believes that I can do whatever I want if I do it well enough and I'm eager to learn, but then again we're told so many things as new grads. What do you think?

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