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  1. Moonstar94

    How I conquered the NCLEX-RN?

    Wow this is pretty much informative! I'm currently reviewing for my nclex but I feel really lost Idk how to start, I use Saunders as reference book. Btw, thanks for all the infos! :)
  2. Hi everyone! I just wanna have a survey How long did it take till you get a job here in Las Vegas? what hospital? Ex: month and Year graduated: mm/yy took nclex: Previous hospital experience if there's any (where and how many years/months): Name of Hospital where you got accepted: mm/yy you applied in the hospital where you got accepted: mm/yy you got accepted at the hospital: P.S please include where you had your residency program if there was any. Thank you! P.P.S what certificate do you have right now? Ex. BLS etc. ----thank you again! :) Good luck to everyone who got their dream nursing job and to those who are still searching for one. :)
  3. Anyone newly hired here in Las Vegas?
  4. Moonstar94

    St. Rose Dominican New Grad Residency January 2015

    Hi there! I just want to ask what is the website of st. Rose? For future reference Can't find where they post residency programs Thank you! :)