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    Should I wait to have a baby?

    I also have to side with the "have the baby now" club....people take for granted the act of carrying and having a baby because generally most women have babies no problem. But it is so true that as you get older it becomes harder and not always in the way that you think. I don't have classic infertility because I can get pregnant ---- very easily. However I have yet to keep any of the pregnancies (more than 2) that God has blessed me with and I know it's because of age. My last pregnancy ended in stillbirth and now because of that AND my age (over 35) I am considered high risk. Out of my group of friends ( of which I am the youngest) I am the only one without a child and the only one with major fertility issues. My point is is that when you're in your twenties it's easier to wait but as you get older it's Russian Roulette when it comes to your fertility----that's a fact. You have to decide just how important having kids are to you. School will always be there. I've read countless stories of women going back to nursing school much older than 45...but the chance to have children is fleeting. Even if you luck out and are able to get pregnant the chances of complications and devastating loss are very high. Very. I wouldn't wish my experience on anyone so I say focus on having kids now. You just don't know what the future holds.