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  1. rxis

    OU Medical Center Nurse Residency

    Have you reviewed the $6,000 penalty for breaking the 2 year contract? They are trying to slow down the high turnover rate at that hospital. There are many new nurse applicants from all over the country. Most of the applicants for OUMC are new nurse...
  2. rxis

    OU Med Center Nurse Scrub Colors

    CVICU is royal blue. They have a website to assist with determining which scrubs are allowed. When I was there, they just introduced the dress code they were becoming absurdly strict with it. It has probably become lax by now. Thats the typical patte...
  3. rxis

    Are there too many RN's in OKC?

    Incentive overtime pay is not constant. It comes and goes depending on factors at the executive/corporate level. Working at a facility like that comes with a price that the workers have to pay.
  4. rxis

    Nurse Aesthetician

    My friend is partnered with a physician. From what I understand, LPNs are not permitted to provide Botox. She is an RN and can't practice without the physician.