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ezike has 6 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. ezike

    Just started excelsior!!

    Sociology was the first exam, I am studying for microbiology now and then anatomy and physiology is the last general class
  2. ezike

    Just started excelsior!!

    Yes just started too. I have 3 general classes, I passed one and two more to go. I am doing credit by exam. You have to be motivated to do this. I studied for two months for the first class, trying to cut it down to a month. We'll see
  3. ezike

    Unpaid overtime - is this the norm?

    How many hours are you scheduled to work.?and did you work more than 40 hours a week, until you work more than 40 hours will it count towards overtime
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  5. ezike

    St Pauls School of Nursing - Staten Island January 2014

    Omg I applied and got in but could not attend cos it was too expensive. This was in 2012 how much does the program cost now
  6. ezike

    Social Security number problem

    You do not need to be a us citizen to take nclex people from other counties take it all the time. Ssn is issues to j1 visa, f1 visa and many other visas you do not have to be a citizen to get one, pls get facts right
  7. ezike

    Pittsburgh technical institute

    Yes a current student great program but a lot of hard work
  8. ezike

    Pittsburgh technical institute

    Hi currently at pti, will graduate in October and I plan on starting the transition lpn to rn program in January next year. That program is only 9months. The school is working on accreditation however approved by the state and has 100%pass on nclex
  9. Pti in oakdale has both lpn and rn program