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  1. Getting Away From Bedside?

    I am a Critical Care RN. I love what I do - HOWEVER - physically I can not keep doing bedside nursing. I have physical disabilities that are only getting worse and I need to be out of the heavy lifting/pushing/pulling. Especially since patients seem...
  2. Best Neuro Book?

    Hello everyone. I am getting ready to move from the MICU to the Neuro surgical ICU. I really want a good book to learn about the neuro basics that will help supplement my three month orientation period of learning all this neuro. I actually really l...
  3. NCLEX Fail in 75 questions

    As already stated, it really dosent matter what publisher you chose to go with to study if you don't know the why behind why you failed. Did you misread questions. Did you not understand content to apply the questions. Do you not know how to apply we...
  4. Nclex requirements

    I don't live in MN, but my suggestion, and a good place to start, would be to go on the MN Board of Nursing website and start there. There should be contact information there as well if you can not find your answers on the site.
  5. Just took my NCLEX...265 questions :(

    Well don't count yourself out of the game until you get the official results. So let's look at how you prepared for NCLEX. Have you heard of Kaplan? They are (in my opinion) harder then NCLEX. The goal is to make 60-65% on their tests. They offer a ...
  6. best Nclex rn mock test

    Kaplan is a good way. Do the question trainers 5,6,7. Those are most like NCLEX (or so I have heard others say). good luck!
  7. Please give me honest advice...

    Those scores are absolutely fine. Kaplan is harder than NCLEX, in my opinion. Heck some of my senior semester nursing class tests were harder than NCLEX was. I would do some destressing the day before the NCLEX. You you have worked hard for this a...
  8. Took NCLEX Today and.....

    If you got "the good popup" and you finished in 75, I'm sure you passed. You would have to really tank it to fail at 75 questions. If you search for the poll on here you will see that 3,000+ got the good popup with 75 questions and passed while only ...