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  1. JMCP

    Unsure about retesting

    Honestly! Get it together! (: this is your ticket to a better future. You're honestly going to give up because of one result? Snap out of your putty party and get it done!
  2. JMCP

    New job and RN to BSN program at ULL

    I am and well... It's hard but do-able. Although my schooling is online so it's a bit less restrictive.
  3. JMCP

    Need some advice

    Take some of the classes in the summer and winter. 7-8 semesters would then equal 1-2 years for pre reqs all the while making sure you kep a high gpa. Getting things done faster and getting a lower gpa will only hurt you in the long run by making not eligible to apply to public schools
  4. JMCP

    CSUN or UCLA?

    ucla has never had an and-bsn program. you start from scratch. hypothetically, if ucla had one, i would chose sun because really, at that point no one cares where you got your bsn just that you have it. do it online at that point. trust me, that won't earn you a fast track to a job. had you done a traditional bsn then yes, ucla would be the way to go as those that graduated from ucla have jobs almost right away (or before they graduate)
  5. JMCP

    Associates after Bachelors

    arrrrreeee you kidding me?!?!!?!!!?!? i have a bs in neuroscience and then got my asn cause i couldn't afford to go get another bachelors due to financial aid only giving assistance for the first bachelors. so anyway, i got my ash, got a job in a hospital and then worked on my bsn after. get over the stigma, you need to get your RN wherever you can. its a hard road ahead and if you are worried about what others think, you will have an even harder time.
  6. Stick to stuff you see and stop with the risks. Risks are hypothetical and although they are important you must prioritize what is being affected now. Also focus on the mother if your are dealing with hypertension.
  7. JMCP

    NJ License or California license?

    also keep in mind that aside from a couple of hospitals such as UCLA, Cedars, County (Los Angeles), most hospitals start new grads at around the high 20's/hr. That is so similar to NJ that i don't see any benefit in moving here.
  8. JMCP

    NJ License or California license?

    Stay in your home state, apply there and get your license there. Its the most economical thing to do. In California, the market is tough and it will take you a good 3months to a year to get a job. Assuming you know someone or work at the hospital that you're applying to (in which case you know someone), it will take you about 3 months to get that job. If you know no one and think you can just waltz into a job via the online application process, you're going to be in for a tough time. It will take you months (closer to a year) to find anything. if you have the money to wait a year than by all means move here. its a great place to be a nurse.
  9. I really hope you make it. It is an inspiration! Stay strong! (:
  10. JMCP


    this is the the exact cheap one I'm using...the double tubing! love it!
  11. JMCP


    I got a Lithmann Classic II as a present from my dad when i first started nursing school. I hated it... I could not hear a thing. The diaphragm was super loose i guess? anyway, My husband is now using for his [COLOR=#000000]clinicals and I took his cheap 15 buck stethoscope. I love it, i can hear everything clearly! I seriously was floored by how clear everything was... and he's happy with his (:[/COLOR]
  12. JMCP

    Why is it so hard to find part-time work?

    thats so weird. i know get random calls from registry and from hospitals wanting to hire me PD, lots of places I didn't ever apply to for part time and per diem work. before, when i wasn't working for a major hospital... not a peep! i had to beg to get interviewed.
  13. I think this is a great idea! I have met some great nurses who studied in the Philippines. However, I have also encountered many bad nurses from the Phillipines who's knowledge and safety left me sick to my stomach with unease. Sidenote: this has nothing to do with nationality and a whole lot to do with the degree of regulation in that country and the like. Seriously... If you want to work in the us, it's best to study here.
  14. Ummmm apply to find out but from what I understand, international nurses must have their school send all their transcripts and then retake a year of classes.
  15. JMCP

    When we become the patient

    Awesome post! Thanks for the insight!!!!
  16. The fact that you assume thT I mean you shouldn't be a nurse from my post speaks worlds! I dont think you should be an er nurse since you can't seem to gather your basics (which is to verify your patient). I think you need to relax, realize that your mistakes if you keep on doing them will one day kill a patient or harm them. So for the safety of others... Figure it out and stop taking jobs. Stay there and fix your issues.