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  1. Hey how was the veeb entrance exam, any tips on what to study the most. 

    1. LilBit94


      Definitely brush up on fractions if you’re weak in that area. A lot of adding and subtraction of mixed fractions with different denominators. A couple questions wi5 decimals but they can be done pretty easily with the calculator they give you 

  2. mrainey127

    Veeb 2019 class

    Hey anyone taking the 2019 veeb entrance exam in January or Febuary?
  3. Hey there my fellow nurses and nurse students, my name is mike, I been on all nurses website looking for some updated information on eastern Suffolk Boces lpn program. it seems like no one is gonna be taking the entrance exam for the September 2016 year, where's everybody at. I'm schedule to take mine next month, I feel like networking is key to this career, so where yall at....
  4. mrainey127

    rockland Boces lpn

    hey im going to that program as well, did you get your acceptance letter yet