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  1. HaggardRN

    They almost had me fooled

    Because of the hospital's desire to keep CLABSIs down, PICCs are only last resort. Because of this, many of our patients go through multiple IV sticks and lab draws. I work on a PCU, many times our meds are not compatible and they need more than one access. The IV team was our great resource and it bums is out that it is being taken away.
  2. HaggardRN

    They almost had me fooled

    When you put it that way, I guess it would sound good. On the unit I work on I am one of the better IV starters. Still, when someone is a terrible stick that can only be gotten by those trained to use the US guide, it would be nice for the patient to have someone available. As it is, we can't call the IV team until multiple people have made multiple attempts. We use them as a last resort. Now the patient will just have to keep getting stuck which means more pain and more time not getting what they need.
  3. HaggardRN

    They almost had me fooled

    I have been very skeptical about the hospital I work at. It changed ownership almost 10 years ago and since then the profits have gone up but the care not so much. Lately they made changes that almost had me believing they cared: better staffing, more visible management. Then today I hear we no longer have an IV team! No more help for the hard sticks. Patients will go to radiology for PICC lines (you know that will take longer). Shame on me for letting them fool me.
  4. HaggardRN

    How Much was your First RN Paycheck?

    In 1996 I started at $12.60/hr.
  5. HaggardRN

    Anyone every work 24 hours a week? (2 12s) is it doable?

    I have been working 2 12s for about nine years. I try to keep my two the same back to back every week so I have five days off in a row. I am super spoiled to be able to mostly dictate my schedule where I am so I stay even when working conditions have been less than favorable. People say it must be nice to be able to afford this, in reality it is keeping a pretty strict budget. I love it!
  6. HaggardRN

    Older nurses...chasing that carrot

    I hear you and totally get it! I've been nursing for 23 years, but still have 21 if I retire at 67. I vote now by working part time, and I try to work my 2 days back to back so I have fine days off in a row for my real life. . I also have a ton of banked vacation days (my boss just mentioned I have the most on the unit which makes me nervous that I am too expensive of an employee) so I have started talking more time off just because. On the days I am working, I focus just on my 4-5 patients (PCU) and making sure I do the best I can for them. If I stay clear of the hospital politics I find I like my job much better!
  7. HaggardRN

    Children's Heart institute putting kids in danger

    I'm sure there is more to the story than we can ever know. And yes, I hear great things about the hospital in connection to other treatments. It does seem that as hospitals are expanding and becoming part of large corporations the interests of individual patients gets lost in the interest of business and expansion.
  8. Despite warnings, All Children’s kept operating. Babies died. | Heartbroken | Investigations | Tampa Bay Times This story breaks my heart! I don't work here, but some days I think my hospital is just moments away from getting their name on the front of the paper. Some days I just want to work at Target!
  9. HaggardRN

    Florida Hospital 10k sign on bonus

    In the Florida Hospital system some hospitals run better than others. Nurses who transfer between the hospitals comment on how different their experiences are. So it's hard to make a blanket statement of good or bad. Do realize that if they are paying a sign on bonus it is because there is a critical need for nurses. The good news is they are trying to fill the need, the bad news is staffing isn't always so great while they work on it.
  10. HaggardRN

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing 2017

    I graduated from there in 1996 before it merged with Mercer. It was an excellent program. Good luck!
  11. HaggardRN

    Recommendations for ACLS near Tampa, FL

    You could try AIEME.com or ruszin healthcare. Every time I have taken it with Ruszin I have learned something new.

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