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  1. rafedaddy

    Darton State College LPN/RN Bridge Fall 2016

    I too have applied to the Sandersville bridge program. I live in Statesboro. Waiting anxiously now. Unsure of how many apply, will be accepted, and what the minimums will be. Hopefully we will meet soon
  2. Any information regarding the Sandersville Bridge program beginning Fall 2016?
  3. rafedaddy

    Georgia Preceptorship

    Do you know the contact information?
  4. rafedaddy

    Georgia Preceptorship

    I am a Paramedic in Georgia. I have completed all the Gen Ed requirements for a ADN program. Due to my current work situation I'm unable to attend a traditional nursing program. I'm considering the Excelsior College ADN program. I'm aware of the GA/Excelsior horror stories, and I am familiar with the additional clinical requirements. Where can I do the preceptorship? Are there any former GA Paramedics who have completed this process? I'm also considering working in SC for a year then applying for endorsement.