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  1. bonita77RN

    Tampa/St. Pete's Pay

    Hi, I currently live in Michigan (Metro Detroit area) and I am about to relocate to Tampa this week! Like you, I am currently making about $28/hour, but I was offered a job with one of the hospitals in Baycare Health System. I was offered a full time, day shift position, that pays a little over $25/hour there. I have a little less than one year experience and I am still pursuing my BSN. I'm pretty sure someone with more than a year experience and a BSN would get offered more money. So the pay is lower than Michigan, but not enough to deter me from moving. I've also tried to get information about the best hospitals and pay, but most of the info is old. So the only way to really know is to experience it for myself and hope for the best. It's going to be a big change, and people can only post on what they've personally experienced, whether negative or positive. Hopefully you end up being one of the one's that love your new job and are glad that you made the move. Good luck to you!
  2. I used Saunders book and Kaplan Web site to study. Sanders was more about content, but Kaplan seemed to cover everything! Plus, the practice questions were very similar to the NCLEX RN. I remember having a LOT of prioritization questions when I took the NCLEX, and I think Kaplan worked best to help me study. I mostly did practice questions though, I didn't use all that they had to offer. Good luck to you!
  3. bonita77RN

    New grad pay in SE Michigan

    It's true that a lot of hospitals want a BSN, and it would be better to go for your Bachelor degree. But, hospitals will still hire Nurses with an Associate's, they will probably make you sign an agreement stating that you will return to school to get your BSN within 5 years of being hired. That's what the hospital that I work at does, and they've hired many ADN's. Most job advertisements say BSN preferred, but some will definitely hire ADN as well. A few of my coworkers had their ADN, started working, and then did a RN to BSN program while they worked. So if you are able to, your best bet is to go for your BSN now, because your most likely going to have to do it later anyway. The jobs are out there for ADN's, and the starting pay is usually no different whether you have an ADN or BSN.
  4. bonita77RN

    New grad pay in SE Michigan

    I'm sure it varies greatly depending on a lot of factors. But at a few hospitals in Metro Detroit the pay ranged from $25-$31/hour for a new grad. I'm basing that on the info I received during job interviews/job offers.
  5. bonita77RN

    Pre-reqs with GED?

    I'm a Registered Nurse now, but I was out of school for about 12 years after getting my GED before I decided to go into Nursing. I think it took a couple years to do all my prerequisites, but that is because I would take only one or two classes a semester. If I had taken classes on a full time basis I would have been done a lot sooner. But with a husband and 3 kids, my time was kind of limited. I have an Associate Degree right now, but I'm currently pursuing my BSN. I chose to go this route because it was quicker, and also because I wanted to work and gain experience while finishing school. If you have the opportunity to get your BSN, I'd definitely recommend that you go that route. The hospital I work for had me sign an agreement that I would get my BSN within 5 years of being hired, but they also offer tuition reimbursement, so it still works out for me. Good luck!
  6. bonita77RN

    New grads psych nursing

    One of the first jobs offered to me as a new grad was at a hospital in the Gero/Psych unit.
  7. bonita77RN

    How did you feel after you took the NCLEX?

    I felt pretty good about it....at first. I felt that I was somewhat prepared. During the test, I was almost positive it was going to shut off after 75 questions because I thought I was doing good. Then, when it did shut off, I thought to myself that the test wasn't bad at all. I was confident I had kicked that exams butt ;-) Then halfway on my drive home, I freaked out! I remember all the posts I had read about how horrible the test was, and how everybody thinks they failed. So I couldn't have possibly passed if I thought it wasn't hard! But, I did in fact pass!
  8. bonita77RN

    Took NCLEX-RN today!

    I have a friend that took the NCLEX-RN a couple weeks ago, he got all 265 questions and he passed! Congratulations!