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  1. Mary_adams

    Army FY 2019

    Congrats! Do you have your MSN or DNP? I am interested in 66P after I graduate from my FNP program in 2021! What volunteer/leadership activities did you have?
  2. Mary_adams

    Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    Congratulations! Clinical nurse for AD or reserve?
  3. I am a FNP student in a MSN program. I am about halfway through and will graduate in 2021. I am interested in joining the military after graduating and getting at least 1 year of experience in family practice. I know the military prefers DNP and realize that I am at a disadvantage by being in an MSN program. I have read other forums where FNPs worked in cardiology, ID, and those specific specialties don't count towards experience. My question is how picky is the military on what type of setting you work in? For example, I plan on working in family practice, seeing children through adults, but how do they view urgent care experience? Thank you!
  4. Mary_adams

    FAU FNP class August 2018

    How was the class? And from what I remember from the info session last years class was around 35-40 people.
  5. Mary_adams

    FGCU Spring 2016 BSN

    Do you know when we find out?
  6. Mary_adams

    UWF BSN 2015

    I'm assuming im not getting in either, so I'm going to keep applying to more schools and retake my TEAS to try to get a higher score! I doubt everyone will accept their spot but I can't depend on that you know? It sucks that we can't know what alternate number we are though =[
  7. Mary_adams

    UWF BSN 2015

    No mine didn't say what number I was. I emailed them back and they aren't allowed to give that information out. I also asked how many people were on the alternate list total, but I haven't heard back yet.
  8. Mary_adams

    UWF BSN 2015

    I just got an email saying I was selected as alternate.
  9. Mary_adams

    UWF BSN 2015

    Anyone else counting down..? lol =P

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