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cr8ivity69 has 13 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP and specializes in 5 years/med surg.

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  1. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    I will say I know NPS making 140K-150K salary in Ny.
  2. NYC starting pay for hospitals for new grads

    Its different per location Montefiore in bx offers night diffeRential of 3000 and pay is in the mid 90’s but this was 5yrs ago pay Im sure should be in 100gs starting now…I was trying to research it. Online it at incredible (since I can...
  3. Scientific rationales for infant with RDS

    This is most definitely an amazing but detailed, and clear explanation for my question. Although I have not been on my account for a long long time I appreciate and am grateful you took time to answer. I did not get a prompt to my phone that someone ...
  4. Hi Nursejoi, I was wondering how was the program you went to in Midmanhatten? I hope you see my message Im late:)
  5. Scientific rationales for infant with RDS

    Hey THank you, The other diagnoses are NANDA as Im aware. I'm still working on this care plan too. Any online resources for more detailed help?
  6. Hello Guys, I am in my 3rd semester(almost done) and I don't feel confident in my care plans as I don't feel the school really helps us master them. However, I was wondering if any one can help me get NIC and Scientific rationale for each of my diagn...