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  1. atkinsob0503

    UNCFSU Spring 2016

    I'm starting the RN-BSN program in August. I haven't much about the program.
  2. atkinsob0503

    Taking a year off after Graduation

    Work in a less acute setting. Doctors office, mother/baby unit, etc. Nursing is very diverse and you can always work your way up to acute setting if you want.
  3. atkinsob0503

    June NCLEX takers

    I take NCLEX on June 14th. I'm Reading Saunders then do Uworld questions for each system. Reading all rationales. Then I will do the Kaplan qtrainers because they are above passing questions and cumulative. I will go back and read the rationales I got wrong on Uworld the last 3 days before I test. I'm also listening to mark Klimeck recordings. I watched hurst I hope this works. There is a lot of content that I do not know.
  4. atkinsob0503

    Duke Nurse Residency 2016! (feb 28th apps)

    Hi, The open house was very exciting. I had the opportunity to meet all the managers of the units that I was interested in. I talked to a few managers and they asked me questions about my clinical experience and why Duke? They all said they will be contacting me to schedule official interviews with me in a few days. So I'm patiently waiting. I'm interested in the Pediatric ICU, Pediatric CICU, and Intensive Care Nursery. There was a tornado warning while we were there, so that gave me extra time to sit and chat with few of the managers.
  5. atkinsob0503

    Duke Nurse Residency 2016! (feb 28th apps)

    Ok, I will. 🙂
  6. atkinsob0503

    Duke Nurse Residency 2016! (feb 28th apps)

    I'm attending the open house at Duke on February 24. Is anyone else attending? If you have attended an open house in the past, how was the process?
  7. You're going to work with different people with different personalities, beliefs, and culture. The best advice I can give is find a topic that you guys can talk about. Some people may not show their seriousness for education overtly but none the less they might be serious about school. I can understand where you're coming from. I talk to people in my class who are the total opposite of me and I actually like learning new things about them.
  8. atkinsob0503

    Nurse Residency in Savannah, GA

    Hello, I am currently finishing a ADN program in NC. I will be moving to Savannah to be with hubby and kids after graduation. I've only found 3 hospitals in Savannah. Chandler/St. Joseph and Memorial. Does anyone have any experience with these hospitals or their nurse residency program? Are there any other hospitals located in the surrounded area?
  9. Pixi.RN Hello, my name is Brittany. My family just moved to Savannah, Georgia. I noticed that you work at Memorial Hospital in Savannah. Do you have any tips for their residency program? Little bit of background..... I'm finishing school in NC but I plan to move back with hubby and kids after graduation next year.
  10. atkinsob0503

    Active Duty Military Seeking Career Advice

    You can start taking your prerequisite courses, which usually takes 2 years. Most of the courses you can take online, ie, English, art, math, communication, political science, etc. I would suggest you receive an associate in arts or science at a community college or you can go to a university of your choice and complete the first two years and apply to their nursing program for the next two years. But you have to take 2 Chemistry, 2 Anatomy and 1 microbiology in a class room settings due to the lab class required for the course. You can take those over summer or take those in 8 weeks, if the college you choose, offers it during those times. Then when you're finish with those course apply to a BSN nursing program, which is completed in 2 years. I did it this way and I'm currently in an ADN program. I chose this route because it's cheaper. It is possible, but only with hard work and dedication. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  11. atkinsob0503

    How has Obamacare affected you and your employer?

    Medicaid is for people who cannot afford to pay. The misconception is only people who do not want to work is on Medicaid. WRONG! There are many people who work but are underpaid has Medicaid for their children. I know military men and women who has Medicaid for their kids because tricare does not pay for certain services and their dental plans are not really good, plus some of these military families are making less than 28,000 a year. Please, do not assume that EVERYBODY who is on some form of public assistance do not want to work.
  12. atkinsob0503

    The Road to Nursing

    If you do go ADN route, just know that the hospital is not your only option for employment. Also, most hospitals will hire an ADN but you have to acquire your BSN within 5 years.
  13. atkinsob0503

    Mothers: How hard was nursing school with kids?

    I am currently in an ADN program and I have four kids ages 2, 4,6,8. My husband is in the military and is currently stationed in Korea (I chose to stay) My mother in law moved in to help me. Without her moving in I would not be in the nursing program. Clinical start @630, so I have to leave the house at @530. My mother in law gets the kids dressed and walks them to bus stop. The only bad thing is she can not drive. So winter is coming and I really do not know how that is going to work. I have a hard time studying because the kids are around me whenever I am home. It is very difficult juggling kids and school. But it is doable. My grades are very good. I get home real late, most time around 5:00pm or later, just from practicing for lab. If I was in an accelerated program I would literally be sick from exhaustion, stress, and lack of sleep.
  14. atkinsob0503

    Am I crazy to do LPN to RN instead of ADN

    I'm currently in an ADN program at a cc college. I think it is a smarter and more economically friendly route. With today's economy who wants to be knee deep in loans. Plus, hospitals still hire ADN RNs, they just have to have BSN within 5 years. My goal is to obtain my ADN, find a job and use tuition benefits from employer to help obtain my BSN. In most hospitals ADN RNs and BSN RNs make the same pay, have the same scope of practice and in reality take the same NCLEX test. Why would I go in debt to receive the same pay as a ADN? Not smart in my eyes. You have to be smart, resilient, and financially stable to survive in this economy. S/N.. Only hospitals prefer a BSN RN, there are other options besides hospitals. You can work at a less stressful environment and finish your BSN and then try to work at a hospital, if you desire.
  15. atkinsob0503

    If you had all the funds..

    I tried both. I started at a University and ended at a community college. I made A's and B's at both colleges, but I was too overwhelm at the University class sizes, the foreign instructors, and too much distraction at the campus. I worked with it but I felt like just another number. At the community college level, the classes are more intimate, smaller. The instructors are usually local and the campus is usually geared towards academics not more entertaining. You are actually known and remembered by instructors and students. I have nothing against foreign teachers but when you're trying to learn chemistry (foreign subject) and you are having trouble trying to understand their foreign accent, it just adds in too much confusion. If you can handle my experience of the Big University than I would say transfer but if you prefer a smaller setting I say stay at cc. BTW, I plan to transfer to a University for my BSN.
  16. I am 28 and I am in the ADN program. I do not feel too old to start my career. I have been taking courses towards nursing over 6 years. I am a military spouse and a mother of four. I still feel like I am 21, physically speaking. I am more mature, stable, and confident now that I am 28.