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  1. valpo_rn01

    Likelihood of a new grad getting an ER job?

    The answer to this question is highly dependent on your geographical location. It is generally easier to get new grad jobs in those settings in rural areas, harder in urban areas.
  2. valpo_rn01

    A VERY frustrated nurse

    If you're using EPIC, you can make yourself a custom "canned text" care plan or two, so that you don't have to type the whole thing out on every single patient. You would only need to fill in the blanks. It takes a little time to set up, but will save you hours in the long run. Ask your EPIC support people for help.
  3. valpo_rn01

    Nurses need a pedometer

    I get about 12,000-15,000 steps in an 8 hour shift. My biggest day was 21,000. I have a fitbit zip.
  4. valpo_rn01

    skipping graduation/pinning?

    I skipped both. 13 years later, I don't regret it.
  5. I "caught" a nurse in that same lie when my husband's grandfather was dying. My husband, brother- in- law and I were the last to arrive. No resps, monitor in asystole. The nurse had told my father in law that he was " just barely hanging on". She panicked a little when another family member told her I was an ER nurse and my BIL was a paramedic. We kept her secret. To this day my FIL believes that we made it " just in time". I know believing that gives him peace.
  6. valpo_rn01

    Leaving the nurse profession

    Are you just sending out resumes, or are you also networking? Applicants with scant experience are usually passed over by HR unless a manager asks for their resume specifically. I know a new grad with NO experience that just got hired at UofC because she took the time to find the nurse manager's email and send her a note saying how much she wanted a job on that unit. It's not a residency job, but she's getting a pretty solid orientation.
  7. valpo_rn01

    Nursing Law

    What would you need to protect yourself from? You have no direct knowledge of the situation and you reported your suspicions up the chain of command.
  8. valpo_rn01

    Leaving the nurse profession

    Chicago is a really tough market for new grads, especially if you don't have a BSN. It's next to impossible to get into the larger hospital systems without one. Plug away at your BSN because some systems will hire you if you're actively working on your degree. Good luck!
  9. Been a nurse for 13 years in 5 different specialties. Haven't found the one I'll stay in forever yet.
  10. valpo_rn01

    Good popup or not??HELP ME, MASSIVE ANXIETY!!!

    There are many, many threads that address exactly this question in great detail. Hopefully perusing those will quell a little of your anxiety. Good luck!
  11. valpo_rn01

    NCLEX 75 Q's "On Hold" After PVT Trick

    The PVT is dead. They did an upgrade and it went away. No way to predict pass or fail. Just be calm and wait for your results. If you want more info, use the search bar. There have been about a million and a half posts just like yours this week.
  12. valpo_rn01

    Would you have done more?

    My 90 year old grandmother lives in a retirement apartment. She goes out to walk all the time, and frequently crosses a busy street to get an ice cream cone at McDonald's. She's independent in her ADLs and is absolutely allowed to leave the facility at will. Just the other day, someone stopped to offer her a ride, and boy was she insulted!! I tried to explain that someone was just trying to be nice to an old lady, but she was having none of it. It was nice of you to stop, but if she refused your help and didn't seem confused, I don't think you are obligated to pursue it further.
  13. valpo_rn01

    New nurse grad in chicago

    Try university of chicago. I know a new grad that just got hired on the onc floor. They also take new grads I the ICUs. Just be aware that HR there can take awhile to get back to you.
  14. valpo_rn01

    I want a pension!!!

    UofC does have a pension(~1% of your final salary for every year of service), a union, and does pay 100% of a masters in nursing to any school you choose. It's also obscenely hard to get hired there. Next to impossible if you're a new grad.