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47alphaTARDIS has 4 years experience.

Recent ASN grad, waiting to sit NCLEX

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  1. 47alphaTARDIS

    Hobbies off duty as a Nurse?

    I also have a music degree, I am a flutist. I play and conduct a local group. So I play in my free time. I'm also do a lot of crafts.
  2. 47alphaTARDIS

    e-books or textbooks?

    I wish I could have ALL my books in ebook. I love it. But it's definitely a personal preference. The only advice I have, and not knowing what your package entails, is that where you get ebooks MATTERS. I started out with Kindle books through Amazon and fortunately they took returns on them because the format was awful. All my nursing books are through http://www.kno.com and they are page for page like the real books. If I'm in class, I can turn to the same page the instructor give outs, which was not the case with the Kindle format for my particular texts. Problem easily solved if she has a backup device or can easily replace the tablet/computer. Ebooks are attached to account, not a device. I pull up my kno books on my tablet, laptop, and chromebook and I only had to make one purchase.