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loveofrn has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU.

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  1. loveofrn

    Concentration vs Concentrating Effect

    The concentration-effect of gases as far as I am concerned generally refers to Blood/Gas partition coefficient, which is the solubility of the gases in the blood and alveolar space. This obeys the Ostwald law. The concentrating effect with other gases obeys the Ficks law (The second gas effect/Diffusion Hypoxia). This only applies to Nitrous Oxide. It is due to the acceleration of large inspired concentration of Nitrous oxide, which subsequently accelerates the uptake of the second gas into the blood and speeds the onset of the second gas. The reverse happens during emergence where the diffusion occurs. I hope this helps!!
  2. loveofrn

    GPA and GRE that you were accepted with?

    Pennsylvania BSN GPA: 3.7; Associate GPA: 4.0; CCRN; 2 years experience in MICU as Charge and RRT. The interview is what makes or break you.
  3. loveofrn

    Brand New Program: Cedar Crest College Nurse Anesthesia- PA

    It's true that they only accept 10 applicants. The program is competitive and they only send out acceptance letters after they have interviewed all applicants. The program directors are very nice. The program is the cheapest DNP/CRNA so far and the curriculum is tailored in such a way that you can work per diem in your first two semesters. However, the courses in those semesters are not a joke, be prepared. Please be prepared for the interview and call the school if you have any questions.
  4. loveofrn

    UPENN CRNA 2019

    Im abt to apply to Penn but I was not require to take biology and pathophysiology for my BSN. Are these 2 classes a must to complete before I apply.
  5. loveofrn

    Just got into LaSalle CRNA program for 2020

    I have been invited for an Interview, I just want to know what to expect on the day of interview and what kind of questions were asked. I will be glad if anyone can help. Thank you
  6. loveofrn

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Philadelphia New grad BSN MICU Experience:4 months $34/hr basepay + 10% differential for night and additional 10% for weekends with full time benefits In 2 years, I'll be making $40 with all the differentials. Facility:Large hospital, unionized Vacation: 2 weeks vacation per year COL: $600 for 1br/ba,Live in suburbs
  7. loveofrn

    bp drop during paracentesis

    Well, you have to first understand how osmotic, albumin and hydrostatic pressure works. There are many reasons why patients develop ascites and the most common causes is liver problem. Patients with cirrhosis have low albumin level because the liver cant produce them anymore or produce little. Albumin helps to keep fluid in the circulatory system, so when there is low albumin fluid tends to leak around the cell ( third spacing) which cause ascites. The recommended fluid removal is less than 5, when more than 5 is removed it usually cause hypotension because even though the fluids that was removed is in the third space, fluid continues to leak into the third space from the vasculature because low albumin cant keep the fluid in the circulatory system Thats why we usually check Bp to see if the patient can tolerate the procedure and we give albumin to prevent hypotension which helps to draw fluid into the circulatory system before the procedure. So the answer to the question is, paracentesis can cause hypotension and you should always be alert and prevent it by giving albumin and remove fluids gradually. I hope this helps.
  8. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Its official my name is on the board of nursing
  9. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Yes i got the good pop up this morning. Im not celebrating yet until my name shows up on BON
  10. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Relax, congrat. Every case is different. Mine changed after 24 hours i think so not 12 hours. The pvt is reliable
  11. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    My result was on hold for like 12 hours and around this morning, it changed to the good pop up. You just gotta keep checking it. I know how you feel, believe me
  12. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    So what abt those that took the exam this wednesday, have they tried the pvt yet?
  13. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    The questions were all over the place. Make sure you know your maternity really well, that was my weak area and a bunch of questions came from there, so i was prepared for it. I didnt use ati per se, I only used it for review of content on maternity. The questions were staright forward and not that difficult at all compared to uworld. Just make sure you read question and understand what its asking. I got alot of sata, 2 drag and drop, no med math, alot of meds (my strongest point lol, so thats an advantage) and 2 ekg ( one was sata and one was what would you do for the rhythm. You got this��
  14. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Well just got the good up. Our record indicate... Im so so happy right now
  15. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    hmmm. I did the PVT, it says "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time." now this just increased my anxiety level
  16. loveofrn

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Guys Im scheduled to take the exam on thursday but im thinking of resecheduling to wednesday. I just want to do this exam and move on with my life. I think Im burnt out and stressed out.