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  1. Another World of Nursing

    A human with a cap says nurse. They are traveling across the world to do just that. A nurse saves lives: Whether in the now, in the future, or to salvage damage of the past. A nurse uses tools of knowledge, thinking, physical care and the emotional c...
  2. The Right to Hope

    I'm a nurse. I see a patient. I see a human blanketed in white hospital linens, and adorned by more wires than an electrician can handle. I listen intently to the rhythmic tunes emanating off the monitors, I examine their awkward, dancing lines. I sc...
  3. While You Wait

    @maudkennedy; thanks for your response. In emergency, pain is actually the untold part of the ABC alogorithm in triage. Someone in visibly excrutiating pain would often be in the catagory of people brought back. Specifically something like a kidney ...
  4. While You Wait

    You come into the ER, a lady in green sits there and asks you what your emergency is. You begin to tell her your entire medical history. She cuts you off and asks you to shorten your story and requests you to describe why you came, in 3 words. How ru...
  5. You and I

    YouYou feel hurt from a bruise, or an infection, and maybe it is your cancer. You feel alone in your world of illness, no matter how much support you have. You feel uncomfortable in the narrow stretcher caging you from world outside. You yearn for so...
  6. I welcome a new life into the world, And with dignity and respect, I farewell the life departing. I fight the battles of the stubborn, non beating hearts, And I calm the waves of the intricately, turmoiled brain. I clean your wounds so your skin can ...
  7. Day 4: 2016 Nurses Week Top 5 Things Contest

    1- choose your own attitude towards your patient each shift. Sometimes the difficult patient described in report can be fine for you. 2- be a sponge and learn when you can, no patient is the same. Learn learn learn 3- take it one moment at a time, yo...
  8. To Touch A Soul

    So true. It is what makes the hard days worth it! Thanks for reading.
  9. To Touch A Soul

    We referred to him as Mr. Comatose. His chart had him diagnosed as mentally ill and he was mostly comatose. He was blind. He never spoke. We were unsure if he heard anything. He barely moved. He was a complete care patient. He made us wonder. What go...
  10. Winter 2016 Nursing Article Contest: 4 Lucky Winners $150 Each

    where do we submit the article?
  11. The View From My Frames

    Different types of framesThere are frames that embellish photographs, and there are those which enhance a letter page. While some frames cast a protective shadow around an eye to block the blinding ray of a sunny glare, others spark style and glamour...
  12. Nurse Writing

    Hi all, I started a blog that records some of my nursing journey and experiences. I have been shy about sharing my blog posts until recently when I got some posts published on small scale nurse blogs and a nurse magazine. I am looking to get more of ...
  13. Hunter adult/geri NP Program

    Hi all. I am a new nurse ( 1 year to date), and just got accepted to Hunter's adult/Geri program. I am a bit nervous regarding the whole working and schooling situation. I had great grades during undergrad and hope to keep up as well. Any advice for ...