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pearls08 has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. pearls08

    LEAP Certificate Pathway Summer 2021

    Hopefully this week!
  2. pearls08

    LEAP Certificate Pathway Summer 2021

    Anyone know when the program starts? I still haven't heard back. Still optimistic but 😕
  3. pearls08

    LEAP Certificate Pathway Summer 2021

    Hi! Wondering if anyone applied to the LEAP program at Case Western for Summer 2021 entry?
  4. pearls08

    Emory BSN-DNP 2020

    I think I found one at UGA, but I have yet to hear back from the Program Administrator on if it will suffice. And I’m not even sure if I’m registered for the Stat course because she hasn’t responded. With the course starting Monday, and it being Thursday, I’m a little stressed. Do you know of any alternate contacts?
  5. pearls08

    Emory BSN-DNP 2020

    I have the same question as well! Where are you taking the statistics course?
  6. pearls08

    Emory BSN-DNP 2020

    Yes, but I'm not sure if it's mandatory? They also told me I could take it at any regionally accredited school
  7. pearls08

    UAB DNP Fall 2020

    I received an e-mail that we wouldn't hear back until the end of April as well. I applied back in November.
  8. pearls08

    GBCN- Private Nursing School

    Hi there! It is a lot of money, I will say that but my clinical experience has been unmatched. GBCN has a lot of clinical sites including CHOA for the pediatric rotation...a good amount of schools don't have a contract with CHOA so they do their pediatric clinical in a simulation at school. Same with Labor and Delivery. Also, EVERYONE gets placement at a hospital for practicum. I know several schools only the top 10 students get placed at a hospital and everyone else does their senior practicum in the school lab. So as far as exposure and variety of clinical sites, GBCN is the way to go. I've really enjoyed my experience. Also their NCLEX passage rate is high. To address the cost, there are a lot of scholarships out there and Mercer is good about helping you find resources. I would also look into cutting down costs by living with family or a roommate. Also, hospitals have loan repayment programs. Personally, I think it's worth looking into.
  9. Sorry!! School picked up quite a bit so I don't come on here as often. Clinicals first semester really are an introduction to the hospital. You do some of the basic skills and really just get acclimated to what happens on the floor. Mercer starts you off with 4 hours then increases it to 8 in your second semester (med-surg is 8 hours, mental health is 6 hours) and then the full 12 hour shift your 3rd semester. You won't actually get patients your first semester, but trust me, you don't want to! You will appreciate building up to having patients. As far as studying, I suggest using the first semester to find out methods that work for you. I use flashcards, record lectures, study groups, make tables, etc. Mercer offers tutoring which I highly suggest you go to. The great thing about Mercer is that the Dean pays for everyone to be a member of the National Student Nurses Association which also gives you membership of the Georgia Association of Nursing Students. So you are automatically involved! I'm the VP of the Georgia Association of Nursing Students, an ambassador for the college, and was just elected as Director of Membership for the school's Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students. If you get in to Mercer, you'll be hearing and seeing me a lot this summer and during your first semester :)
  10. Sure, I'd be happy to! 1- So we are wrapping up the semester. Apart from the first two weeks, Monday class is 10am-4pm (with an hour lunch break. This is patho), either on Tuesday or Wednesday is your clinical day so you either have clinical on one day or the other. That doesn't necessarily mean you have an "off" day on the other day; you can still have on-campus assignment or something else. A better word is study day! So for my schedule I have study day Tuesday and clinical Wednesday. Thursday 8am-4pm (two classes on that day) and Friday class 8am-12pm (two classes) 2-Professors actually make a note not to schedule exams on the same day. That would be torture! HOWEVER that doesn't mean you won't have an exam on a Friday and an exam the next Monday. I say this because understand that nursing school and the exams are nothing like undergrad exams. You can't study the night or two before and expect good grades or to retain information (which will appear on future exams and the NCLEX) 3-clinicals are based on your zipcode. You fill out an informational sheet at the beginning and they try their best to match you somewhere close to your place. My clinicals were less than a mile away from me! 4-so you will hear different opinions on this. Nothing is impossible. HOWEVER. You will find it very very very very hard to work part-time (assuming 20-24 hours a week?) and remain satisfactory in the rigor of this program. Again, I warn that nursing school is not like your pre-req courses. Completely different ball game! Material is harder, the demand is harder, the study time is longer. Mercer is very much a "learn it, now do it" type of program meaning we learn about it in class and in lab, we get validated on it, now we are expected to do it on real patients. It's just a lot to balance. But I understand the neccessity to work. I, myself had a full time job with a a full salary before nursing school...my bills have not changed since I started and can no longer work. I work PRN as a tech in the hospital because they are the most reasonable and flexible with my nursing school demands. I work when I can so I can schedule myself whenever. My personal opinion is to see how nursing school is for you in the first month and then assess how much you will be able to work. The first month is arguably the easiest month as far as test material. If you find yourself struggling it will only get harder! Hope that helps!
  11. What issues are you speaking of? yes, I'm in the D2D program and find nothing about the program or our treatment crippling. In any program it's always a good idea to find a faculty mentor or mentor in general. I've had a positive experience at Mercer and have not heard of any experience from anyone like yours. That's not to say your experience is invalid, I've just never heard of anyone have that much negativity regarding the program. Having a previous degree from another institution and having gone to a different nursing school for a semester before deciding to transfer, I find Mercer's program great! It was a HUGE difference when compared to my last nursing school. Mercer was One of the best decisions I've made. I will say that camaraderie among students in the JR could be better but that's not on the faculty, that's on the character of the students. I'm sorry if your experience has been trash so far. Nursing school is already stressful enough. I'm just surprised that all has happened. For all prospective nursing students, I highly suggest you take what you read on forums with a grain of salt. Including my own opinions!! You will find a range of opinions on the same place, as you can see. The best thing you can do is figure out what it is you want out of a nursing school (i.e. high NCLEX pass scores, clinical sites, high graduation rate, high employment rate, tuition/affordability, etc) and find schools that match your wants and needs. For me, that was Mercer. Also, if you can, visit schools, talk with students face to face, talk to alumni and see where they work/worked, get an idea of the reputation of the school. Nursing school is already stressful enough to feel like you're not getting everything you need to be successful in your transition as a professional nurse. As far as my stats: Overall GPA: I think 3.3? Science: 3.2 TEAS: 90 Mercer pays the most attention to your essay! Of course your grades can't be mediocre but make sure that essay comes from the heart and grammatically good! If you have any personal questions, please feel free to PM me!
  12. If anyone has any questions about Mercer please feel free to reach out to me! I currently attend the nursing school. My experience has been quite the opposite of the other poster who had a surprisingly negative experience.
  13. pearls08

    Anyone Taken the HESI at Brenau?

    I went to Brenau's PT program briefly so I'll try to answer some of these questions:) Class is usually Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-9 or 10pm. I didn't do clinicals but I still keep in contact with my previous classmates. To my understanding it's every Sat/Sun and then after a few weeks it is switched to every other weekend. Most sites are in the Gainesville/Habersham area. None are in Atlanta except for your Peds rotation which is at CHOA in Atlanta. I transferred to a different school so that should give you some insight as to how I personally felt about the program. For me, I couldn't justify the cost for what I felt was limited education so I transferred. They lost their accreditation a few years ago and I feel like they are trying to bounce back from that. That's not to say competent nurses don't come out of here...I work with a nurse that graduated from Brenau and she's great!! You just have to work a bit harder. But it really depends on what you want out of a nursing school experience. But one thing I will say...just because it is a part-time program does NOT mean the work load is lighter. In fact I would argue that it is harder because you are fitting full-time course work into a part-time schedule. You are still doing full time work just in class less!!
  14. pearls08

    Brenau University Part-Time Spring 2017

    Update: I attended my first semester at Brenau in Spring 2017, and I transferred. Brenau is not a great nursing school. I'm not saying that great nurses don't come out of Brenau, but the nursing school itself is terrible. Professors are not on the same page which is horrible for testing. They don't agree on the same material so they teach differently which is confusing for the students. In a skills lab, I guess I used the wrong side of the stethoscope and the professor LAUGHED in my face instead of correcting me. When I asked what I was doing wrong, he continued to laugh and said "look it up. But this is funny" seriously? How am I learning and you think it's appropriate to laugh? I've seen professors bicker at each other in front of students. When we were going over a test and the students had a lot of questions, they don't answer they just simply say "well if this was the NCLEX you can't ask questions" what's the point of going over a test when you can't ask what you did wrong? There would be some questions that were flat out wrong and they identified it as wrong AND a bad test question but wouldn't throw the question out. Information is almost sometimes hidden. Student engagement and activities are sparse. Clinical sites are few because Brenau doesn't have a great reputation. I currently work in the hospital and I know of some charge nurses and managers who won't hire Brenau grads because they are simply not prepared. The nursing school I go to now is light years ahead of Brenau and 1000x better in terms of NCLEX preparation, organization, caliber of professors, student activities, technology, and clinical sites. I'm sure the professors at Brenau are great nurses, but they aren't the best professors. I highly suggest that if you are going to spend that much on a nursing degree, you go elsewhere. Not to mention, they JUST earned back their accreditation. You've been warned.
  15. pearls08

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing 2017

    If it helps, I applied on May 9th and got accepted May 26th.
  16. pearls08

    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing 2017

    I'm in!!! So excited!! Sending my seat deposit today!!!