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  1. Pre-calculation of emergency meds?

    We have a computer program that we enter the patient's weight into and a list of pre-calculated emergency medication doses and volumes (for standard concentrations). 2 copies of our emergency med list stay at the bedside- one for the code team leade...
  2. Good Level 2 NICUs in the GTA for a New Grad?

    Credit Valley has a pretty large level 2 NICU. Others in Toronto/GTA that I can think of are Humber River, Toronto East General, Brampton, Etobicoke General, North York General, Oakville etc. Some of these NICUs/SCNs are quite small however with mini...
  3. Commute Time

    Absolutely no traffic (i.e. Sunday mornings) it's 25-30 mins door to door. Average daily commute is about 45 minutes but it is not uncommon for it to be upwards of 1-1.5hrs depending on traffic, road closures etc. Definitely not ideal.
  4. New Grad Peds CTICU

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital has an online encyclopedia of congenital heart defects with information on diagnosis/treatment/management etc. with videos that you might find helpful!
  5. Midwives and Nurses

    Here in Ontario nursing and midwifery are totally independent career paths. Midwifery is not a field/branch within nursing like it is in other countries.
  6. I think for me it would have to be NotReady4PrimeTime. I'm still a student (starting my final semester preceptorship next week on a peds transplant unit!) but I know that peds nursing is where I want to be. I have spent lots of time reading the PICU ...
  7. Alberta After Degree program, moving to Ontario.

    Check out information on the Nursing Graduate Guarantee here in Ontario- it's open to all Canadian new graduate nurses within 6 months of graduation (you can work on a temporary license with the College of Nurses of Ontario for the NGG but I'm not ex...
  8. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing

    Humber has a collaboration with the University of New Brunswick so all BN students (whether it is second-entry, generic 4 year program or RPN bridging program) will get a degree from UNB. You can definitely apply for Masters programs with this degree...
  9. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing

    December 2018
  10. Worried about phenergan IV push

    I've never given it or received it myself, but I've heard that it's a seriously painful injection. A friend of mine mentioned that it felt like her backside was on fire for AGES after it.
  11. 1/30 This week I learned: you suck, EMTALA.

    1) It's a lot harder to keep a nebulizer mask on a 30 day old baby than I anticipated! 2) I want to quit my part time retail job sooooo bad. It is getting to be too much with school and clinical and work that I feel like I have no time for ME. Too ba...
  12. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing

    I didn't because of the mix up with my transcript. They basically told me I could either wait until my transcript was "official" and see if there were still any spots available then (which there probably wouldn't have been), take an acceptance for a ...
  13. Euthanasia! your opinions needed please

    Last year the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that Canadians should have the right to physician-assisted suicide. I support this decision and firmly believe that under the right circumstances individuals with chronic, progressive and debili...
  14. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing

    1) I honestly don't even remember my gpa from my previous degree haha I think my cumulative was around a B+ and last two years around an A-? 2) I got accepted in April I think? They do rolling admissions so people could be admitted all the way until ...
  15. Can a RPN become a midwife ?

    No, there's three midwifery programs in Ontario (Ryerson, Laurentian and McMaster) and they are all 4 year Bachelor's degrees (previous nursing background plays no part in becoming a midwife in Ontario for the most part). There is one very small prog...