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RN, worked in ER/OR, then got MSN and became ANP

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  1. Where do all of you go to find the best NP jobs

    Most jobs I hear about come from other NP's who know of docs looking for an NP. Another great place is your local NP association. Go to their meetings or dinners and ask around. I heard of three jobs at the last one I was at (in Texas). Good luck. ...
  2. Limits of training - hospital rounds?

    Thanks. That is what my gut (and my professors) have told me. I'll be looking for another job for the sake of keeping my license.
  3. Limits of training - hospital rounds?

    Trained as an adult np, I did not receive any hospitilized patient care training. I only received primary care training -- in didactic and clinical preparation. The MD I'm working for now wants me to do rounds and take call for hospitilized patients ...
  4. Thesis

    I posted this under 'Nurse Practitioner' and then saw this section, so I thought -- "Hey! This might be a better place for this" I'm an Adult NP student (in Texas) and am totally stumped on what to do for my graduate thesis/clinical or research proje...
  5. Kaplan College LNC program

    Has anyone done the Kaplan College (mail) program for Legal Nurse Consulting? If so, how was it? I'm considering it. I got the brochure, but I'd like to hear from someone honestly how it is. Is anyone out there a LNC? Would you recommend it? How mu...
  6. I'm researching information regarding making non-latex gloves (like nitrile, etc.) standard supplies vs. non-powdered latex gloves in hospitals. I have to present to administrators. I need information from those who have done the same. I have medical...
  7. Good hours and good pay anyone?

    Agencies here in Houston for specialties will pay anywhere from $34-38/hr, yes. But you aren't guaranteed hours. "Mandatory overtime" is illegal in some states. Also, it is not a spoken requirement in most hospitals. But if you want your vacation tim...
  8. Pattern for Surgical Hats

    Thanks! ------------------ TX ER RN
  9. ANA & specialty nurse organizations

    I joined the ENA but not the ANA due to the cost. It just costs too much. I wanted to get the magazine (The Emergency Nursing Journal) and help support ENA research. ANA is not necessarily pro-choice, but pro-patient and supportive of what is current...
  10. ANA & specialty nurse organizations

    The following link: http://www.nursingworld.org/readroom/position/social/screpr.htm explains the ANA's position on abortion, quite well in fact. I don't think avoiding the ANA for that reason is worth it considering what they are trying to do for th...
  11. Pattern for Surgical Hats

    Hey, does anyone have a pattern or know of a site that has a pattern for those cute cloth scrub hats for women? Everyone in this new OR I just started in wears them and I'd like to make my own. I just need to know how. Thanks ------------------ TX ...
  12. RN starting salary

    When I started 3 years ago in an internship program I started at $14-15/hr. In 2 years up to $16/hr. Now I make PRN rate over $24-26/hr full time. It all depends on where you live. Texas pays well, from what I understand. My mom has been a CCU nurse ...
  13. Accu Check Contraversy. Alcohol Vs. Water.

    Any time you leave the finger wet, with water or alcohol, it will change the results. The American Diabetes Foundation says you can clean the finger with alcohol swabs or soap and water with good friction cleaning methods.So just make sure which ever...
  14. relevance of ice to management of fever

    I learned in nursing school, and in practice in the ER, that ice should not be used for general fever because it causes shivering which in effect can raise a fever. Only tepid water baths should be used.
  15. RN Profiled in The New York Times

    Hey Ms. Milazzo... I just got my packet of info. from Kaplan in the mail a few days ago, haven't had time to open it. I live in Houston, maybe I'll give you a call instead! ------------------ TX ER RN