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  1. Montefiore SON

    Just wondering how the classes are going and how the school is as a whole since Montefiore has taken over.
  2. Hi. I was wondering what are the opinions of current students enrolled in this program. How are students doing and opinions of the instructors as well as how the overall program is doing as they are relatively new. The Hopfer School seemed to have a ...
  3. Montefiore SON

    Hi everyone. So how many people from this site got into Monte SON? I got my email and ran down with the money order already. do they put all the students in one hospital for clinic?
  4. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    Hi and thanks for the congrats. So how many people are there on this site that will be starting in August besides me?
  5. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    Hi Ldy76. I scored advanced and just got the email saying I was accepted for this August class and about the mandatory sessions before classes officially start. The acceptance package I guess with all the info is coming in the mail. I am soooo reliev...
  6. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    The waiting is very hard....I wonder if they are also using the GPAs what was the minimum? And why would they not evaluate all the applicants at the same time when the testing is over? I thought the point of the TEAS is they take the top scores from ...
  7. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    Hi. Has anyone heard when they will be making the decisions for the remainder of seats at Montefiore SON? I scored advanced and have not heard yet, have all my pre-req with GPA over 3.1. Do they base it on the TEAS only?
  8. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    BTW what pre-req courses if any have you done? And do you think there are a lot of applicants out of HS?
  9. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    Hi and thanks for the info. I wonder what GPAs they are looking at if you have already an associate degree. Only need micro. Wonder how that course is compared to the A&P classes?
  10. Montefiore SON 2014/2015

    Hi. I'm new. Does anyone know how many people got accepted already to fall Monte program. I am waiting to hear...got advanced on TEAS score but not sure if that's all they look at. Thanks and good luck to all.