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JasmineRN05 has 5 years experience and specializes in Medsurg.

JasmineRN05's Latest Activity

  1. JasmineRN05

    UVA PMHNP Applicants for Fall 2018

    Great! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! :)
  2. JasmineRN05

    UVA PMHNP Applicants for Fall 2018

    I would recommend taking it through a local community college.
  3. JasmineRN05

    UVA PMHNP Applicants for Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I am in the FNP program to start this Fall as well. Is anyone going to the Course Registration Workshop? Also, is anyone interested in connecting before classes start?
  4. JasmineRN05

    NTI 2018 - See you in Boston!

    Attending my first NTI conference this year! I'm really excited!
  5. JasmineRN05

    Clinical Ladders, Advancement, and Development...Oh My!

    I am in the midst of applying for clinical ladder advancement and found your article. Thank you for your insight!
  6. JasmineRN05

    Women's Health NP Info

    Hello! I am very interested in going back to school to get a degree in Women's Health. I am really only interested in women's health and not family. I feel as if the Women's Health NP degree would have more classes and clinicals related to what I want to focus on in my career. I have heard conflicting information so I wanted to see if anyone could give me some advice or insight into Women's Health. 1. Are Women's Health NPs able to prescribe meds (ex. STI medication) to male partners or only women? 2. Are they able to work in a public health field such as the Health Department? 3. Is the job market more favorable for an FNP over a Women's Health NP? Any other advice or info is greatly appreciated! Thank you and have a great day! :)
  7. JasmineRN05

    Typical Crazy Night at Work-Poem

    Typical Crazy Night at Work At 1900 I start my day Bed alarms and callbells ringing away I give my first round of meds All while trying to keep a confused patient in bed A patient's blood count is low, more transfusions are needed One unit must finish, before another one can be completed I get caught up and what do I see? A full bedpan waiting for me A colostomy bag leaks all over the place Off to retrieve a bag for the hazardous waste It's 0130, my lunch break is here... But all of a sudden, "Jasmine you're needed in here!" I finally get to take a bite And think "Oh what a night!" But it's not quite over yet My post op patients' lungs are sounding a little wet. A physician phone call goes in But suddenly I hear overhead..."Code Blue, room 10" A wound is leaking, dressing change needed now On the run I go for new bed linens, gown, and a towel A patient requests some meds for pain But all the narcotics are making them loopy in the brain Nearing the end of the night and I'm feeling very tired My comfy bed is very much desired 0715 and my job here is done Back at it again tonight for another round of fun! Jasmine S. Wiseman, RN

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