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    Thanks for the web site. I'll be passing this one around
  2. kirby121


    I was wondering the same thing. Any PALS website help out there???
  3. kirby121

    New nurses in ICU

    I too am a new grad. I graduated in Dec. I went straight to the PCICU and Love it!! I was a PCT for 3 years and an EMT. I believe to make it in the ICU right out of school you have to Work hard. I have a great preceptor. There is also a 4 hour a week learning lab that I go to and a Peds Critical course that I will be attending. My orientation is 12 weeks long. Another big plus that I see is that there is a great deal of team work in my unit. No one is ever stranded and there is always a Doc around. Your work environment and preceptor can make or break you in the beginning!
  4. Your web address dosn't work?? I would love to pass this info on to my fellow RN's !!
  5. kirby121

    Flatulence Humor

    That was a Great joke. I will definately pass this one one!!!
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    TTN: The ratio is the best way to do these problems. Also, work lots of them. 2.2lbs = 1.0kg so 78/2.2 = 35.5kg 750mg/5cc = 150 mg/1cc 225 * 35.5kg = 7987.5mg Ratio 7987.5mg 150mg ------ = ----- Xcc 1cc 150x = 7987.5 x = 7987.5/150 x = 53.25cc I put in all the steps. I also took the liberty to change mcg to mg, in case of a typo. If you need to change mg to mcg multiply mg * 1000. Good Luck. !! Remember we've all been there and some of us cant do math. And it may just take some extra practice. With your grades, I's sure you know how to study. Also, see if your instructor will cut you a break and let you know what are the most important conversions to know. If there is only 5 problems, they probably wont put drams or grains on it.
  7. kirby121

    Critical Care Pocket Guide & Calculator

    PDA users - here is a helpful website. http://www.rnpalm.com/index.htm There is lots of useful information, links and free shareware.
  8. kirby121

    Mobile Nursing !

    Anyone using PDA's in nursing or just for fun?? Check out RNPALM. Lots of interesting articles, free shareware and information. http://www.rnpalm.com/index.htm
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    New Grad Needs Help

    Congratulations !! I just took the boards and Passed! The best advice I can suggest is to RELAX!!! Use 1 book, Mosbys or whatever you were given in you NCLEX review class. The spend time doing questions. I learned the most from the questions that I answered. I used the NCLEX-2000 diskette. Relax and get some good sleep the night before. Good Luck
  10. kirby121

    School project

    First you need to decide whether you want a 2 yr degree or a 4 year degree, (ADN vs BSN. There may be a great degree of differences in the two depending on where you practice. I would go for the 4 year degree (BSN). Now for the pediatrics thing, once you graduate you apply to a general Peds floor. It depends on where you work but, most of the larger hospitals have a general peds floor. If the hospital in your area will allow you to be a PCT or Tech you might want to work there part time while you are in school. You will get a great education and have an understanding of the hospital and patients when you graduate. You will understand more while in school and make more of your education. Good Luck Kirby