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Why, hello there! I am Stephatron, lover of books, science, the Fallout series, horses, and roller coasters. Permanent sufferer of wanderlust. Adrenaline junkie to the max. New grad RN. Future trauma/burn/travel nurse, current renal and diabetic nurse. Welcome to my page. Please excuse the mess, I've just had it remodeled. Enjoy an appetizer while you browse.

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  1. NCLEX Results 89 Questions in California

    I took my NCLEX on a Friday and my license wasn't posted until Monday on the BON website here in Arizona. People who took their tests Monday - Thursday got their results the next day, so I think it's because the weekend doesn't count. I took the PVT ...
  2. 1hr Drive to Nursing School

    Right now, my commute is around an hour one way. It's worth it to me as the program is great, I like my professors and classmates, and the high NCLEX pass rate the school has is pretty appealing as well. Besides, its only for a short while that you'l...
  3. Mayo New Grad RN Residency program (Feb/2016)

    I'm at Scottsdale.
  4. Mayo New Grad RN Residency program (Feb/2016)

    Weird... I'm going into Block 2
  5. Mayo New Grad RN Residency program (Feb/2016)

    I don't think that's correct. I'm in traditional and am at Mayo for my Med/Surg rotation. I don't believe any of our CEP groups are at Mayo, either.
  6. Am I right to be angry?

    In my experience, it is mostly medical assistants, not nurse, who help with the physician or NP in urgent care. I know that there are places where there are nurses but mostly, it's just me and the physician in the back. We aren't allowed to remove th...
  7. Giving up my dog

    I have a husband, dog and cat. All are important in my eyes. If you love something as much as you say you do, you fight your hardest to make it work, not give up after a week. Pets can be worth their weight in gold for stress. Just ask my cat anythi...
  8. Retaking A&P 1/2 after getting a C

    A&P is your foundation for nursing school: if it is not strong, you will crumble. You build on that material you learn in A&P, and sets you up for not only nursing school but for being a safe nurse as well. If you are looking to get into a sc...
  9. "You're a big girl." (I'm not terribly overweight, but I could lose 15-20 here and there.) I straightened up and said: "Thank you" and smiled. Honestly, I don't care if I'm called big, but she said it to hurt, and I refuse to let her think it did. Sh...
  10. This week, I learned: Not all blood wants to flow out of someone, especially when I actually need it to. That I can actually use a butterfly! I normally use a straight stick to draw, as I would always miss, but this past week I only have butterfly n...
  11. Starting RN program this fall - what to expect?

    Ours are: no visible tattoos, earrings in one ear, no nail polish, undershirts can only be either solid black or solid white, no porus shoes and they have to be full black or white. No facial piercings, hair had to be tied back and solid black or whi...
  12. EpiPens....who knew?

    They drive me crazy. It's even harder when a patient is new to our clinic and has been on a specific medication but needs a renewed prior authorization and we have no paperwork on them
  13. EpiPens....who knew?

    My favorite is when they want a prior authorization for the EpiPen, even though in their chart and medication information it states "Allergy to peanuts, causes anaphlaxis." I have to sit down and compose myself when those come up.
  14. Bad day giving vaccines

    I hate giving shots to children. They are strong, despite their size, and it happens to everyone at some point or another when the needle comes out. I will normally have another co-worker come in with me to assist because I've learned that I'm unsure...
  15. Is learning on a cheap stethoscope better?

    I had a rainbow Littman Classic II when I was working as an MA before I got into nursing school. Once I got admitted, my dad was so proud, he went and got me a Cardiac III. My view was, "I'm upgrading in the medical field, I might as well upgrade my ...