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    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    What did you change this time around from your other attempts? Congrats
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    9years later

    Patjew8187 No worries enjoy you did it. My inspiration I have a 1 year old and its hard as you know what trying to study and that fact you did it with 3 hands down. In my Martin voice, "You go girl". It makes you appreciate it much more.
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    After many attempts, I finally passed my Nclex rn

    You stated you attempted the NCLEX many times what was different this time around? What did you study? Congratulations! I know its a weight off your shoulders.
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    Passed nclex 4th try!!

    Hopetopassnclex keep asking because so many people wonder the same thing such as myself when coming on the webiste and it may help or change they way others studying. Congrats Miss Success you have did it. Great Job!
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    Just found out I fail

    Keep pushing and don't give up. Pray and pray again. The thought study over again is exhausting but give yourself sometime to regroup and go hard again.
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    My experience with Uworld (and other reviews)

    Congrats! So happy for you. Be glad when myself can say the same.
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    Pearson Vue Trick

    What did you do different this? What was your study materials?
  8. Congrats! Love your post.
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    Failed NCLEX; passed with U World (2018

    Congrats! On passing best wishes!
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    newyork: infection control course

    Thanks this helps!
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    How I passed NCLEX on the 4th try

    Uh! love this post, Congratulations. So inspiring and touching. Best wishes.
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    Passed Nclex-RN second time around 2018

    Congrats! What did you do different with Uworld this time around? Did you take more notes, study the rationales more...
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    I passed without many SATA

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    Passed Nclex on 3rd try with Uworld

    Congrats! Its all over enjoy and relax. I will be testing soon and it's hard studying with now an 8 month old. I'm using Uworld, PDA and listening to Hurst audio I pray I pass this test. All this driving me crazy, anywho congrats again.
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    Pass the NCLEX with these tips!

    Congrats! I can't wait til the day I can say I passed. If you have any tips that are helpful I am very interested. I need all the help I can get
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    Passed Nclex on the third try with twins babies

    Congrats, how did u set aside time to study?
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    Low UWorld Scores/Assessments....passed NCLEX in 75!

    Congrats! How did you study was it Uworld only?
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    Passed NCLEX second time! Ran out of time at 170+

    Dang I feel you I pray that 2018 will bring you so much joy and you will pass your test the next time around. 2017 has been trying for me too, just wanted to give up because I had a set back. I love my baby but goodness it was unexpected after 23 years yes I have a son that's 23 and no kids in between. I just keep saying God must know what he's doing. But anyways I'm praying when I take this test it will be a successful outcome. Stay strong!
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    Passed NCLEX second time! Ran out of time at 170+

    Congrats! I will be glad when I can say I passed. I will be taking the NCLEX in a few weeks. I'm studying with a 5 month old, pray for me. I'm doing Hurst and Saunders and I have the Lacharity book which I have not yet to open. Geesh I want this over with, outcome being successful of course. Congrats again.
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    Pvt-No pop up but passed!!!

    Congrats! What did you use to study?
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    Passed in 75 with an Infant!!

    This gives me so much hope. I was preparing for my NCLEX-RN last October to my surprise yeah pregnant. When I accept that I was and trying to push through it seems so difficult. I would study hard but nothing was sticking I was so forgetful. They call it pregnancy brain. I would just cry and cry and give up. It's seems when your down more issues arise. Ugh! personal issues and then ran into pregnancy complications not knowing if my baby would make it, but he did he's 4 months now. Now that I survive that part of my life I must go even harder. My mind is clear and I'm back in my books. Please pray for me your story is so inspiring. Congratulations!
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    Motivation to Pass my LPN Nclex

    Ok I was in the same boat last year. Stay positive don't throw in the towel yet. I didn't buy all that online stuff I had books: Saunders, Kaplan Strategies, Exam Cram, and PDA (this book was good but more RN to but it made you think), and let me not forget Youtube. Oh the 35-page study guide that's going around on this site. But you have to find what works for YOU. How focus are you when studying? Are you taking notes, making notes cards, what's your weak area(s), are you understanding the content, or are you understanding what the question is asking (be careful with this), theses are some things to ask yourself. You really don't want to over do it with a lot of studying materials then you start to get overwhelmed. Once again find out what works for you but Saunders and doing questions 50 to 100 a day (testing myself with the bubble answer sheet) yeah I know I test myself as if I were in school:yes: , note cards, taking notes is what I did. The first thing you must get out of that negative thinking because there are so many successful stories on this site from people who has taken the NCLEX multiple times. Second get back motivated looking at your babies is motivation. Third show those babies that their mother is a fighter and don't give up easily and about to change her life and there's by becoming a NURSE. If this is something you're passionate about fight for it.
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    Jassy84 this is one of the BEST testimony I had ever read. I am currently in the LPN to RN (bridge) program and your post give me more hope to keep pushing forward. This is so amazing and congratulations. Wow!
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    I PASSED NCLEX-RN! My story and how I did it :D

    Love your post so inspirational, congratulations!!
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    Second Attempt