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  1. Any CA NCLEX Retakers? How long for eligibility?

    I took my test 5/13 and still haven't received my ATT as of 8/1... I was curious if your ATT arrived 3 months after the cashed-in date or after you submitted your application? I can't imagine waiting any longer than 4 months?
  2. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Aww man.. and so the domino effect begins. Gahh.. thank you for letting us know. Has your application status changed by any chance?
  3. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Oh my gosh! Congrats!! At least your wait is over :) Happy for you!!!!
  4. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    I just re-read your first post. Yeah, thanks for the 411! Wishing you the best of luck next round, especially now that you know what to expect!:)
  5. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Aw man I'm so sorry What really? I was asked for references but I haven't heard back I heard even though they ask for references, it's not a guaranteed in. Ahh
  6. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Hey coloredtostitos! Has you status changed on your application at all?
  7. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Congrats Tofu tofu! I'm so excited for you girl! Has anyone else heard from NTICU? I got a second interview and references asked for but still no results
  8. UCLA New Grad RN 2013

    hey did did you end up getting the job at NTICU? I'm waiting to hear back after being asked for references this year
  9. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Hey I'm trying to reply and it won't let me type anything anymore ;/ I can try again tomorrow idk what's the deal...
  10. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Gahh I got your private message and I wrote you back but it keeps saying I need to post 15 threads. Did you get it?
  11. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    I totally don't mind! I just wish we could exchange messages where we can chat haha this forum doesn't really notify you for updates. Do you have fb? Hahah
  12. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Oh my gosh really?? Haha I think my first interview was about 20min and my second interview maybe 15 then the tour? I don't know what time you walked in so I was really caught off guard! Did she tell when in June by any chance? She only asked me like...
  13. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Haha really?! That's so funny! Does your name start with an M? It was nice meeting you!! How was the second interview with you? I think mine was a total of 30 min after we toured! Are you from out of town too?
  14. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    thank you! And don't feel doubtful. If you live in LA, I'm sure they give priority to those who live out of state. I hope you hear from them this coming week!!!
  15. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    I felt like I did well the first interview and the second interview it was hard to gauge bc myself and another interviewee took the tour together bc our appts were close together. She asked me a few questions and then asked if I had any questions. I ...