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  1. Nursemaple

    Finished my MSN-Ed today....

    Congrats on your big accomplishment. Any advice for a newbie? Win start October 1. What do you plan to do with your MSN?
  2. Nursemaple


    Kline, you were my inspiration for starting WGU! I start Oct 1! I understand how you feel and, really, it is only natural. Taking a term break after this one is a good idea. But for right now, put it in gear! Reward yourself with something great
  3. Nursemaple

    Brock University vs. Mohawk-McMaster Nursing Program

    Wow, you have 2 tremendous options. No wonder you are having trouble choosing. Whichever you take, you can't make a "wrong" choice. If it were me, I would choose Brock because it is easier on a day-to-day basis and means less debt Brock is a great school! Truly, I have never known the uni attended by a candidate to be the deciding factor during hiring (at least in Canada). Have a blast, whichever you choose!
  4. Nursemaple

    MSN - can anyone reccommend an online program?

    Nurse Blondie, I am curious, as I am searching. Did you settle on a program?
  5. Nursemaple

    Did I setup myself for a crappy life..?

    Toaster, the advice from the previous poster about talking with your parents was good advice. Yes, it is important to work towards a career but also, please be kind to yourself
  6. Nursemaple

    What To Look For In An Online Nursing Degree Program

  7. Nursemaple

    Personal issues while a student?

    *need your medication*, not mess. Sorry
  8. Nursemaple

    Personal issues while a student?

    Sorry this is happening. It sounds like you need your mess before you can address your schoolwork effectively. Could you visit an ER or walk in clinic?
  9. Nursemaple

    US News Ranking?

    What does it mean if a school's ranking is unpublished or unranked on US News? The school is nationally and regionally accredited.
  10. Nursemaple

    Did I setup myself for a crappy life..?

    I think the admission officer gave you good advise. Take courses which would count towards your BScN. Make good grades. Maybe get a PT job in a healthcare setting? Don't be so hard on yourself. Sounds like you were not ready to commit to nursing yet. Give yourself time.
  11. What will you do to stay afloat? I hope you plan on going the extra mile, otherwise you may be disappointed holding a masters and still working as an RN since you did not heed the warning. Seriously, what is the extra mile? I need to know!!!
  12. Nursemaple

    DON: Do you hire nurses with misdemeanors?

    Oops. I did not see this was a LTC forum. I work an acute care setting
  13. Nursemaple

    DON: Do you hire nurses with misdemeanors?

    I am not a DON but a nurse manager. I interview and hire. Prospective employees are cleared by HR before I interview. Someone with a serious offense would not reach me. If there is a misdemeanor, HR would send them to me and would not tell me about it. Of course, I interview the occasional person before HR but I still leave the background checking to HR.
  14. CNO has a publication "am I practicing nursing?" There is a tool to apply to the activities you are conducting. Volunteer activities count. You can always email them about your specific situation. I am glad I have email confirmation From CNO that my volunteer hours constitute nursing practice
  15. Nursemaple

    Masters Degrees in Ontario

    I have a question about recognition of a US MSN in Canada. I work in the US but hope one day to work in Canada again. I work in admin and would like a leadership MSN. I started Athabasca's 10 yrs ago but nobody at my hospital had heard of it so I was concerned and only took 2 courses. Now I am looking at Western Governor's from the US. Any idea if it would be recognized if I applied for work in Canada?
  16. You can do volunteer work and it counts as practicing. You could volunteer for parish nursing at your church or look at posted volunteer positions on CNO website.