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Nurse_Diane has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in psychiatry.

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  1. Nurse_Diane

    For-Profit NP admissions... I thought they were joking!

    Indeed. Very little psychopharm, a lot of common sense type questions and healthcare policy.
  2. Nurse_Diane

    For-Profit NP admissions... I thought they were joking!

    I took my Psych NP boards in Oct 2018. I definitely overstudied. I thought the RN boards I took 10 years ago were more difficult.
  3. Nurse_Diane

    Charting until midnight?

    I did a short stint in homecare. Definitely like hospice much better. I thought the charting in home health was worse (OASIS) and more repetitive.
  4. Nurse_Diane

    LPN's in hospice?

    I work for a large (for-profit) hospice in the midwest. Our LPNs are invaluable- they do everything except admissions, case management, and pronounce death. We are lucky to have them. Many work after hours/on-call, but always with another RN.
  5. Nurse_Diane

    Best APNP program?

    Financially, can you start a BSN program versus an ADN program? Getting your BSN first would set you up nicely for graduate school, since you will need it anyway. I would also get some RN experience before you jump right into advanced practice nursing. Good Luck in whatever path you choose. Best, Diane
  6. Congrats! Which speciality?
  7. I did have an interview. It was fairly straightforward. Only about 3 questions then we talked at length about the program.
  8. Mosscas, good luck. Is the interview with WSU?
  9. No, clinicals don't need to be near campus. They find you a placement close to your home.
  10. Yes from home. All you need is an internet connection and headphones (and some free software) and you dial in to the classes which typically meet once weekly. I do miss the personal interaction, but not worth driving 150 miles (one way) to have it. It's a great set up really.
  11. I just started this semester- I transferred in from another university, and start clinical in the fall. So far so good.
  12. I am also in the psych MSN program at Wayne. I am doing distance learning because I live between GR and Kalamazoo!
  13. Nurse_Diane

    Radiation Oncology position

    Congratulations on your new position!
  14. Nurse_Diane

    Anyone hiring in Ohio?

    I work for Great Lakes Caring and I am very happy there.
  15. Nurse_Diane


    steer as far as you can AWAY from Everest
  16. Nurse_Diane

    How competitive are post-BSN to DNP programs?

    Many online programs require you to find your own preceptors. Something to keep in the back of your mind.