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  1. jsnbsn

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    P.S. -- The website for PRIME is primeinc.org
  2. jsnbsn

    Transition from insurance CM/UR to hospital CM/UR possible?

    If you think of Hospital CM and Insurance CM as mirror-images of each other, you may find transitioning easier. Both CM's are trying to save dollars for their employer -- but in different ways. But the most important thing for ANY health-care provider should be the desire to ensure that you have done your best for your patients. It may be easier to transition from Insurance to Hospital CM work. As an Insurance CM, you know a lot of the criteria and "buzz words" that the carriers want. So, you should have a better idea on how to approach your contact with the Insurance-CM who will be accepting the care of your hospital-patient. Before you call, think of the ways proper post-discharge care will help the insurance company save money.....such as essential DME to avoid potentially costly accidents in the home setting. You can even do quick checks on the Internet to compare the cost of correct post-discharge care, against the cost of surgical and/or medical treatment needed for otherwise preventable post-discharge incidents such as falls with fractures, infections, etc. I used pricing-techniques to successfully obtain DME, medications, etc for my patients. And made sure I reminded my employers of those savings. Good luck on your transition. And just remember to focus on the patient, and knowing what you did was your BEST EFFORT.
  3. jsnbsn

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    PRIME is a company that offers MANY free CEU courses. I believe it has to do with their own licensing/certification needs of products. So -- their need translates into free CEU opportunities for nurses, case managers, and other health care professionals. I have always found their courses to be well-written. If you are ever able to go to one of their live seminars, especially if it is offered as part of a convention such as that by the CMSA. then it is well worth it. Their seminar sessions are always booked/always popular at conventions.
  4. jsnbsn

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    In regards to free courses. If you go to your Internet browser, and simply search for word combinations such as CCM FREE CEU, you will come up with a huge list of companies and offerings. Add the word ETHICS etc to your search, and you can even find the specialty courses you need for your mandatory courses needed for that license cycle. Obviously, you then want to check the certification of the provider(s) you have chosen. You can do this by going to the CM or Nursing Board sites, and they list approved providers of CEU's.
  5. jsnbsn

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    If you are a Nurse Case Manager, there are courses available that offer Nursing CEU's AND CCM CEU's in a single course!! I only know of Anderson CE courses which do this routinely. As an RN, I have timed the taking of my online RN exams, to ensure that the CCM credits are timed to allow 3 RN-cycles of testing to also complete my single-cycle CCM requirements. Although those 24 to 30-hour courses are not free, they are obviously EXCELLENT time savers for dual-license holders. And I know that at least with AndersonCE, you can have the book used for the testing to add to your personal library. I always found their books to be well-written, and cover MANY topics well beyond the ones I studied for my CE credits.
  6. jsnbsn

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    Dear Nursing2019BSN, BSN, RN: If you feel that you "cheated because I used UWorld and I’m not ready to be a nurse", then you are VERY far from the truth. The fact that you are concerned about your readiness to become a nurse, shows that you care about the quality care you would provide as a nurse. Therefore you have what is truly needed to become a great nurse -- compassion for others. Those who are concerned about their nursing skills, are the ones who constantly seek to improve those skills. I would much rather work with a "new" but caring nurse, than someone who thinks they "know it all". Those "know it alls" are the ones I watch most closely, because they do not seek help of others or sometimes don't even review or check their work to make sure there were not any possible errors in their performance. No human being is perfect.
  7. jsnbsn

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    Practice testing may help if you are afraid of test-taking itself. But it may also make you even more anxious. The best way to help do your best on ANY test is to simply look at each question one at a time, and answer it with the most instinctive answer that comes to mind. Most people find that "second-guessing", or spending long amounts of time on each answer, not only results in more incorrect answers, it also decreases the number of answers you could potentially give that are correct. Which would you rather have -- 1 wrong question out of 75, or 1 wrong answer out of over 200+? You do not have to be a math wizard to know that 1/75 is a MUCH larger percentage of "wrong answers" than 1/200+...…….
  8. jsnbsn

    Time to Renew my Florida RN and.......

    I have always liked the courses from Anderson. You can get up to 30 or more CEU's at one time for a low price. And have a good text book to add to your library as reference. Always found their text books and information to be good quality. Also have wide variety. Tests can be done online & give you fast test results & CEU's in case you like quick responses, or, found yourself short of a needed CEU topic at the last minute.
  9. The article mentioned legislation passed by Representative Steven Holt in 2017 limiting government employee unions ability to negotiate on the employees’ behalf for anything except pay, resulted in some of the anguish which this nurse-employee suffered from since that incident. All Republican party nurses should remember this dishonor toward their profession when it is time to elect their party's representative. Or, an across-the-aisle joint-effort by ALL nurses should be to elect a new State Representative. Nurses should always be united when it comes to caring for others, and this includes caring for fellow nurses. So stand up and be counted as a NURSE-FIRST -- and the reason that you became a nurse.
  10. jsnbsn

    Voluntarily Surrendering My License

    I agree with the others that you should not give up your license so quickly. You never know when you might want to return to California, or what else that license surrender could affect in your career.
  11. I have only been on AN for a few years now. But I graduated in 1985, went to hospital nursing for several years, then went into Telephonic Case Management Nursing. I worked for a small company, so I had an extremely wide variety of learning experiences while I was there. I researched all new diagnoses in detail, so I learned not only the latest treatments for the more common diagnoses, but also saw how many rare illnesses there were ---- for newborns all the way through to the elderly. I learned how to draw out patients and family members on the phone, so I could identify their most urgent problems, and provide them with the services they needed. I helped many patients and family members during that time, and have many good memories from those years. And if you think that a purely telephonic job is "lonely" you would be incorrect. Not only did I become as close to many of those long-term patients on the phone as can occur with hospital or field nursing, I also made friends with nurses I "met" at another job. The next job I eventually moved on to was also telephonic. It was a new department at a large insurance company. Our team covered the general Central Florida area. We were trained for several weeks in a virtual classroom. There was also a "whiteboard" that was put up for breaks and lunches, and we would write messages to each other, as well as draw rabbits, clouds, trees, etc on it. We were all pretty chatty too, so we could launch some interesting topics during our training. And the most unusual -- and fun -- part of it all, was when we decided to meet outside that virtual classroom. So a central location was picked where we had a VERY long and entertaining dinner [Rain Forest in the Disney Village area]. It was at a very, very, very long table and we had spouses and children included in this real-world party. Everyone had plenty of pictures to later share back in the virtual world. I guess you can say that our group went the limit on making sure we had a great "work-life balance"................
  12. There have ALWAYS been "insane amounts of inundating charting and chronic short staffing" in nursing -- a lot depended on where you worked. And sometimes you may feel like giving up. Whenever that hit me, I would remember one patient that I had helped in the past -- and what type of difference I made in his/her life. The warm feeling I had from those thoughts helped me go forward once again.
  13. Definitely nothing wrong with posting a LIKE when it is deserved. So many times --- in all areas of life --- people take niceness, good service, kind acts, etc for granted. Sometimes a simple "Thank you", or smile, or "like" is all it takes to make a person feel as if what they did was worth it. It could also be done at just the right time when that person really needed that unexpected bit of niceness......you never know. So keep on saying LIKE as much as you want. You never know when your timing could have been just right.
  14. jsnbsn

    Urgent question

    I agree about being "stuck". When a hurricane hit our area, staff from the next shift could not arrive due to post-hurricane road conditions. So all staff in the hospital had to remain until staff could reach us from the next shift.
  15. jsnbsn

    Nurse Imposters

    This brings to mind one time that one of the Case Management Nurses called an MD-office to obtain an update on her patient. She was given a very thorough report by the person answering the phone. When she concluded the contact by requesting the name and title of the person providing the information, she found out that it was a member of the cleaning crew!! He had found the patient's folder on a desk and wanted to provide the information to be "helpful". Now THAT is a scary thought!! Although he was not pretending to be a health professional, he could have easily done so with the obviously poor security of patient information in that office!!
  16. jsnbsn

    Happy Nurses Week

    As this is my first day on the forum, my greeting is late -- but it IS a sincere wish to all nurses..............

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