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    Air Force Reserves flight nursing Vs. Navy active duty

    Thank you for the feedback. I know the recruiter said it’s 20k at the end of every year x3 years. I had an interview with a chief and also the lieutenant commander and the recruiter. My gut is telling me navy, but I have nothing to base that off of besides my gut feeling and my boyfriend’s experience in the navy. I like the idea of the reserves for AF flight to maintain a normal life but don’t know if i want it bad enough to go through all the training required
  2. Hey everyone, I know there are dozens of threads out there about military nursing. I wanted to gain some insight specifically about the two topics in my title. I have been a nurse for 3 years, and for a variety of reasons, I have narrowed down my military nursing career search to a flight nurse in the Air Force reserves (aeromedical evacuation) or, active duty Navy nurse. I wanted to gain some insight from anyone who has had recent experience in either of these fields. I had an interview with the AES this past week, and blew the chief away and they want me. However, hearing about the training involved, it is a little intimating, especially the SERE, water survival, and POW simulation camp. However, the AF reserves are offering hefty bonuses, and once I am trained, I can go back to civilian life and maintain a career, while doing flight nursing once a month (or more). My boyfriend was in the navy for many years, and turned me on to the prospect of active duty navy. I spend the night on a base this past weekend and liked the feel. I also like the locations of the navy bases around the world, and if I went active duty, could have the potential to go to some really cool places (while also having the potential to go to some awful places, which I understand). My boyfriend has been retired for a few years now and can't speak to recent experience on how things operate and what it's like. Does anyone have any recent experience in either of these two professions? For the navy, I would go in as an ER nurse.