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  1. Kevdewd68

    Help with Medical Math

    DosageHelp.com - Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations
  2. Kevdewd68

    New Requirements for Nursing School

    [h=4]What is a Boosted Reaction?[/h] In some persons who are infected with M. tuberculosis, the ability to react to tuberculin may wane over time. When given a TST years after infection, these persons may have a false-negative reaction. However, the TST may stimulate the immune system, causing a positive, or boosted reaction to subsequent tests. Giving a second TST after an initial negative TST reaction is called two-step testing. [h=4]Why is Two-Step Testing Conducted?[/h] Two-step testing is useful for the initial skin testing of adults who are going to be retested periodically, such as health care workers or nursing home residents. This two-step approach can reduce the likelihood that a boosted reaction to a subsequent TST will be misinterpreted as a recent infection. CDC | TB | Fact Sheets - Tuberculin Skin Testing for TB
  3. Khan Academy is the best tutor for mathematics that I have found. Check it out...go through the steps to build up your math skills. If you really want this, the time it take for you to prepare yourself will reap huge dividends.
  4. Kevdewd68

    How do you read?

    I am taking an online course in Pharmacology this summer. I am right there with you on the reading...the information is so dense that you are afraid you are going to miss something that is going to be important. My textbook is like 900 pages, I think, and I can not see a possible way of making it through the whole thing. I just read through the chapter and then go back and make note cards on what I think are major points. We have an Advanced Pharmacology course in our program, so I am hoping that this text is going to be divided up between the two course??
  5. Kevdewd68

    Scrub print fabric

    It looks like this site has a few UNISEX prints Nursing Pediatric Print Scrub Tops, Pediatric Print Scrubs, Medical Cartoon Print Scrubs at MedicalScrubsMall.com. Captain America http://www.medicalscrubsmall.com/print-scrubs/pediatric-print-scrubs/cherokee-captain-america-scrub-top.asp
  6. Kevdewd68


    First year nursing student here. This is one of my major fears....that I will not be able to deal with the poop/puke in nursing. Hopefully, I will be able to find some coping mechanism that will allow me to look at it as just part of the job. Glad to see that I am not the only one....I was starting to question my decision to go to nursing school.
  7. Kevdewd68


    Amazon.com usually has the best prices for new textbooks....AND...as long as it's sold by Amazon, you won't pay tax!
  8. Kevdewd68

    Nursing vs. Social Work (eeek!) HeLPP!

    Medical social work - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia You could get a MSW and become a Medical Social Worker.
  9. Kevdewd68

    Just got my Pharmacology textbook...

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am going to try and beat the Pharmacology beast!!
  10. Kevdewd68

    IHCC Summer 2014 Nursing Program

    Anyone in the summer 2014 ADN program through Indian Hills Community College (Ottumwa)?
  11. Kevdewd68

    Length of nursing schools

    Which BSN programs are offered for someone who holds a Bachelor's degree in another discipline?
  12. 1st year (1st term) student in nursing program at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, IA (yes! There is more than corn in Iowa!) Oh My! Just received my Pharmacology textbook, read the first chapter and now I am about to crap my pants! Taking the course online and I am wondering if I made a mistake?????? Seems like an enormous amount of information to digest in one term, leaves me wondering how the heck it can be done. Anyone else take Pharmacology online? Experience? Did you find yourself wondering why you didn't take it in the classroom?
  13. Kevdewd68

    changing careers

    I'm 45, retired 4 yrs ago from Navy, and starting nursing school later this month. I hope that there isn't a lot of age/gender bias out there when it comes time for me to find an RN job.
  14. Kevdewd68

    30+ club! Lets do this together.

    Imagine being 45 and male and being in a classroom full of 20-something women! I am going to need all the support I can get....LOL