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  1. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I cant find some of my accepatnce letter, I am going too but I forgot what the venue is. Mailchimp can you pls tell me where to go all I remember is it going to be on 4th of june.
  2. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    Thats probably the case since I applied for financial aid.
  3. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I thought of the same thing too then I searched for classes I noticed 2/18 already so I tried but mine didnt went through. I got a hold for a prerequisite bio 165. I emailed lori and told her . I guess she did something coz i was able to register yes...
  4. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I did already and was able to registered for my class.
  5. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    Yes will pm u
  6. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    Its white. ADN falll 2015 Mandatory Registration Meeting is Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at Bob Green Hall, Room 319 1pm to 3pm.
  7. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    Yes mine shows anticipated date of completion 8/17/17
  8. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    Thanks Farizah.
  9. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    Yes there was a change of my program of study from General Oocupation to Associate in nursing when I checked it in techlink last night with a date of completion. If yours looks like that then your pretty much in.
  10. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    Dont worry I am sure you will have yours soon.
  11. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    I live in Kernersville. I knew how it feels when the acceptance letters were sent out from gtcc. I sent my acceptance to gtcc but I am liking the way forsyth tech set day for the clinicals. is there anyone that knows what our sched like at forsyth...
  12. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    I got mine today and im pretty sure you will get yours tomorrow
  13. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I am not sure about where the clinicals will be. I did talked to Lori about wethernor not to get the flu shot and she told me to wait till the orientation day. I asked about the clinicals and she said we will have and that the assignment will be give...
  14. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I guess just the Hepa B but my record indicated that is is waived off because it is not age appropriate. I called Novant prime urgent care in kernersville and I was told that they can do the titer test or I guess that was being referred to as serolog...
  15. GTCC Fall 2015 ADN

    I didnt get any email extending the deadline but I have emailed Tifanny my acceptance card. I did get thank you reply from her. Luckily I managed to get a copy fo my immunization record so I am going to urgent care tomorrow. I booked cpr class at cp...