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  1. I am a single parent with two sons (3 and 1) and will be attending Nursing school in Virginia this upcoming Fall. Unfortunately, my family along with my kid's father reside in another state which means I won't have much of a physical support system. I know many single parents have successfully completed this journey but, honestly, I am nervous as heck! I have some months left on my post 9/11 GI Bill but, not enough to hold me through the entire nursing program. Most of my benefit was used to complete the Nursing program prereq courses that had prereqs themselves. ugh. Eventually, once that runs out I'll have to apply for financial aid and/or get a part-time. I'm trying not to stress and I have been planning thru the whole situation but, I feel a bit overwhelmed. To all the single parents out there: Based on your own experience, what advice do you have for a new nursing student trying to balance kids, school, and life in general?! Did you work part-time? Did you receive enough financial aid and/or work enough to support your family? Can anyone relate to my situation? ANY advice and suggestions are soooo appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Monalulu

    ECPI VaBeach

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience it really is informative and helpful. Hopefully I can make a decision within the next week on which campus to apply to. I'm happy you shared how easy the application process is because I was kind of nervous. Unfortunately, I don't have any healthcare experience =(
  3. Monalulu

    ECPI VaBeach

    Hi! Congrats on applying and keeping my fingers crossed that you get accepted. I am deciding between applying for the ADN at NNws or VABeach. Which nursing program did you apply to and what was your experience with the application process? An advisor I spoke with in January informed me the admissions requirements changed for the May 2018 cohort stating there will no longer be any prerequisites required to apply. Anyways, good luck and keep us updated on your journey!
  4. Monalulu

    Career change

    Hello, You are not alone. I recently separated from Active Duty and am considering attending Chamberlain in Arlington, VA. Like yourself I am also a mother of two young boys and am older than most college students. After doing an extensive amount of research on surrounding nursing programs as well as some in other states I feel that Chamberlain is a better fit for me personally. Although I have completed a good portion of the pre-reqs that most nursing programs require I just couldn't fathom being put on a waiting list. Also, the post 9/11 GI bill only covers 36 months of training and if I decide to attend Chamberlain I will be able to complete the 3 year BSN without debt. (Hopefully some or all of my prior college credits transfer. I spoke to an advisor who told me if my college credits transfer the quickest I would be able to complete my BSN is 25 months). In terms of the negative feedback and cost of education I have read quite a lot online. But, I've also read some positive things about the college as well. I don't think you are alone or crazy about changing careers. Believe it or not I am in the same predicament as yourself but I strongly feel that we can do it! Anyways, I'll be taking the HESI A2 at the end of the month for Spring 17 so if you have any questions or if you can share any of your experience that'd be great. Good luck and stay positive!!
  5. Monalulu

    Chamberlain College (Arlington)

    Hello! I am inquiring about any new updates about Chamberlain College (ADN/3 year BSN) Programs. There are several threads in regards to the college but nothing that I've noticed past 2014. If you have any advice about the college or experiences I would love hear them. My hopes are to apply for Fall 2017 and complete the 3 year BSN program. I'd love to attend a Community college but the wait list in my county and surrounding counties are currently over one year out. Also, I am registered to complete my last pre-req (microbiology) Spring 2017. If you are willing to share anything about Chamberlain College (Arlington campus specifically) I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you and good luck to everyone on their future Nursing endeavors!!!! -Monalulu