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  1. Mohawk/McMaster RPN-BScN

    My sister just finished her first year bridging at Mohawk and continued to work full time as an RPN @ Mac. so its definitely do-able to work.. especially if your only working part time. Teachers will say its a bad idea tho, but not everyone has the o...
  2. What did you do before nursing?

    I started working for an emergency road service company right out of high school. Decided when my daughter was 4 that I wanted more for our lives and decided to become a nurse. Had to do a year of community college before I could apply to university....
  3. Also... Wanted to add.. certain Universities.... like McMaster for example.... You CANNOT do independent learning to upgrade or gain admission. The ONLY way into the BSCN program is to do Pre-Health if you are not applying directly from highschool.
  4. Sorry for the late reply... it was 6/7... have you been accepted yet???
  5. McMaster BScN Level 1

    Heyyyy Everyone! I was wondering if someone could let me know how much the level 1 books cost for the McMaster or MoMac nursing program. Just trying to plan finances for Sept and its not currently updated on McMasters book store. Also any advice or t...
  6. McMaster RPN - BscN Sept 2014

    Sorry if I offended you.. I guess I should have worded it differently. I was speaking more towards the supplementary questionnaire. The applicant pool must be different that with a 5/7 people have received offers is what I meant to point out. The sup...
  7. Pre-Health was a great way to get in to the BSCN program. The only people who will say it was a waste of money are those who were unsuccessful. I am accepted to MoMAC BSCN for Sept 2014. I worked 24 hrs a week, have a 5 year old at home and still was...
  8. I'm accepted to MOMAC BScN for Sept 2014. I just completed Pre-Health at Mohawk and was able to attain a high average, while working 24 hrs a week and also taking care of my 5 year old. I see that you mentioned having 2 days off a week, do you have a...
  9. McMaster RPN - BscN Sept 2014

    Wow you guys are pretty lucky in the bridging program! I just completed Mohawks Pre-Health and got in with a 91 average and 6/7 on the nursing questionnaire. 6/7 was the minimum for being accepted first round it seems.