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  1. Mariajasmin

    I hope these tips help someone

    I just paid the quick result, I did it! I passed the nclex RN with 75 questions. thanks for all your prayers. I used Saunders comprehensive review, prioritization by Linda LaCharity, Kaplan question trainer4-7, and NCSBN questions. Prayers, prayers,...
  2. Mariajasmin

    Passed NCLEX second time!TYL!!!

    Congrats!hope i will pass the second time around too.
  3. Mariajasmin

    Encouragement please!!

    FunkyRN2b May I ask how will I download the Kaplan Ebook, Itried it,but could not download it.thanks
  4. Mariajasmin

    NCLEX-RN 3rd attempt

    Goodluck,you will make it this time, keep the faith. I'll pray for you.
  5. Mariajasmin

    As Promised - HOW I STUDIED FOR NCLEX (Thorough Review)

    Congrats JanJan! Hope I will pass too the second time around.
  6. Mariajasmin

    I passed the nclex at 264 questions!

  7. Congratulations! Thanks for the tips, wish i will also pass the second time, even though Im working fulltime. Good luck on your new endeavor.
  8. Mariajasmin

    Nclex #3 in 10 days. Need words of advice.

  9. Mariajasmin

    Solid NCLEX strategies

    Congratulations Macrina! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Mariajasmin


    Congratulations Don!
  11. Mariajasmin

    Nclex #3 in 10 days. Need words of advice.

  12. Mariajasmin

    get motivated to pass nclex after failing

    I am planning to take mine for the 2nd time,hope to have the courage and time to study since I am working fulltime. Take it as an advantage, you already know the style and type of questions in nclex, just keep your focus and faith. We will get throug...
  13. Mariajasmin

    3rd time taking nclex-rn-need help

    Hi Diva, ***************God Bless.
  14. Mariajasmin

    Took 2nd Test today NCLEX RN

  15. Mariajasmin

    PASSED NCLEX ! FIRST TIME ! 265 Questions !

    Congratulations New RN, goodluck on your new endeavor.