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luvltc has 10 years experience and specializes in long term care.

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    Need advice please

    Thanks for all your advice. I'm spending my day off today job hunting again.
  2. luvltc

    LTC- resident in clear distress

    Interesting question as this just happened to me on Sunday night. My CENA (Bless her heart :redbeathe) came to me and said "____ don't look good". I walk into the room and the resident is pale and diaphoretic. O2 sat is 60% on room air. I yelled for help (bless my CENAs they are great) and immediately put oxygen on her. Sat came up to around 72%. Then I called the doctor for an order to send to the hospital. Interestingly enough, I had just spoken to the doctor an hour earlier on the same resident as she had gone LOA and missed some BP meds and her BP was high and she was nauseated when I assesed her. The doctors at my facility are great, no problem with getting the oxygen or hospital order. I guess you would have to know if the doctor would stand behind you or not. Or, I look at it this way, if I don't intervene, the patient may die. See what the other nurses in your facility think. But, yes, I would put the oxygen on and then get the order.
  3. luvltc

    Need advice please

    Hi everyone, I would like some advice on a sticky situation. I have been working at this extended care facility for 4 months now. They are trying to clear 12 citations from the state. So, the big push now is to make sure that all the medication and treatment records are signed out completely. Well, when the state came in 2 months ago, the DON and all the DCD (bascially unit managers) were let go. So, they have brought in a DON and DCDs from other states. The corporation has facilities in many states. What my problem is is that these DCDs are expecting me to sign medication and treatment records on day shift (when I work night shift) and even on days that I haven't even worked. When I refuse, their response is "Well, somebody has to sign them" I have refused to sign them as that would be falsifying medical records. I feel like I need to get out NOW! But my question is this: When I fill out applications at new places, can I request that they not contact my current employer. If they found out I was looking, I wouldn't put it pass them to fire me. Also, what do I tell a perspective employer when I am interviewed. I really want to state in long term care. Had I been smart at the beginning I would have checked this place out a little more as they have only received 1 and 2 star ratings on the federal government nursing home rating. Sorry to ramble, but what do you all think I should do? Thanks so much, Luvltc
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    Adventures in the McDonald's drive-through...

    See there was a reason you didn't have anything for breakfast in your house. God Bless You!!