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  1. Bubble Tea

    A (Long) Note to New Grads

    This hit the head on the nail for me. Never cared for med-surg and I never will. Sure, it's a great place to learn things but I have absolutely no interest in med-surg whatsoever. That's part of the reason why I accepted psych as my first job. I've always had an interest in psych but my goodness the first day of my clinical was a complete mess. We were originally suppose to have one professor but ended up having two different professors. The first professor we had did not belong anywhere near students or patients. It was that bad. So disorganized. The second professor we had was what we really needed and made me truly appreciate psych nursing.
  2. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    They'll help you. It's not so much "homework" in the traditional sense (ATI is pretty much our equivalent of homework) but a lot of lecturing and studying. There's also lab components. But I really mean it when the teachers want you to succeed.
  3. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    When they say individual test you'll be taking the test by yourself. After that, we take a group test and if the group test gets 90% or higher you get extra points that go towards your individual test score. If the group test doesn't score 90% or higher no extra points will be added. We also have a challenge period where if there were answers that also could be considered correct you can reference your reasoning for selecting that answer and possibly get extra points towards your individual score that way.
  4. Bubble Tea

    Possibly Moving to MD as a New Grad

    Hi everyone! I'm gonna be done with my BSN in March and I really want to move to Maryland particularly close to the Bethesda area since I know people there that I can stay with until I find a place of my own. How difficult is it to find a job as a new grad especially in peds, L&D, or mental health? Has anyone moved from the west to the east shortly after graduating? If so, how was that like for you?
  5. Bubble Tea

    BSN a must?????

    I don't think it is but I think most hospitals are preferring BSNs. However, I've worked with quite a few CSN grads in clinicals and that program is for an ASN. :)
  6. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    Man, I totally forgot I made this thread! Anyways, update time: I'm still in Roseman and from my experience so far it is definitely doable. But is it easy? Nope! If I could summarize this school in a sentence it would be: they want to pass with a 90% or higher on the exams and stuff but you gotta give 100%! I think that's the reason why working while in this school is really difficult and I feel bad for my classmates that still have to work and families to take care of. I can't imagine how hard balancing studies and all that stuff would be. PS I know one of my group members posted on this thread
  7. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    Anyone having difficulties with getting private loans?
  8. Bubble Tea

    CSN RN Fall 2014

    I got accepted for CSN's program for this fall but I turned it down in favor for Roseman. If only they offered a BSN instead of an ADN. I wish you all the best of luck though!
  9. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    Congrats on graduating! Was the program as difficult as they say it is? Did most people pass?
  10. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    I got accepted approximately 2-3 weeks after the interviews (mine was in March). Can't wait to meet my new classmates though!
  11. Bubble Tea

    Roseman University 18-month Program?

    Hi everyone! I saw a couple of thread regarding Roseman's nursing program but most of them are dated from 2012 or so. Anyways, I was curious if there is anyone currently in the 18 month program and how do they like it so far. I'm going to be starting there this August and just wanted to hear from current students.