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    Wife is an RN, Can't find job in Las Vegas

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. I guess a few months isn't that bad, but before she moved out here she was offered a job at almost every hospital she applied to back home within a couple of weeks of submitting her resumes, but I convinced her that Vegas has way more hospitals so she should be able to get a job no problem. I think we'll take your advice LVHI_RN and get her some additional certifications. She's going to attend the NNA event on May 6th too so hopefully that can open some doors for her. When you say you volunteered, what exactly did you do? I wouldn't think you could volunteer as an RN because of liability concerns. We'll look into Centennial Hills Slinkyhead...thanks for the heads up! Well we'll keep at it and start to get a little more aggressive. Thanks everyone for your advice! You all rock
  2. My wife passed her NCLEX in February and has submitted countless applications to every hospital/medical center/urgent care facility/whatever else is in Las Vegas with absolutely no luck at all. It kills me to have seen her work so hard to earn her degree and pass her NCLEX, only to get "denied" emails, if she's lucky enough to even get a response. I've read plenty of threads on here of RNs looking for jobs in Las Vegas and it almost seems hopeless. I feel guilty because I'm active duty air force and she moved to what seems to be the hardest place in the country to get an RN job because of me. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Is there any way she can do some sort of internship to at least get some experience? Right now, I honestly think she'd work for free. She needs experience so she can build a stronger resume. Does hand delivering a resume to the HR department do any good? Any information will be helpful. For all the other nurses in Las Vegas that are in the same situation, I truly feel for you and wish you the best of luck. It's so sad to know you've all worked so hard to earn that degree, which I know from reading some of my wife's study material is no easy task. I couldn't even study with her because I couldn't read half of the words! I promise if I find anything out I will post it under this thread, even after my wife lands a job. Thank you all for what you do/will do. Underpaid and underappreciated sometimes but you're all lifesavers and have one of the most important jobs in the world. God bless and good luck to you all!