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  1. MKReid12

    UCSD 2014 Summer New Grad Applicants

    Did anyone get an interview for the ER?
  2. MKReid12

    Stanford New Grad Summer 2014

    Wow good luck noodle sauce! :)
  3. MKReid12

    Dameron Versant Stockton Summer 2014

    Thanks so much for the info :) good luck!
  4. Hey! Just wondering if anyone else got a call for an interview for the Critical Care Internship starting in July. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has heard from Dameron. I couldn't make the information session so wondering if they are even going to look at my application. Thanks in advance :) Good luck!
  6. MKReid12

    Stanford New Grad Summer 2014

    Ugh I'm going crazy too. I feel ya boots
  7. MKReid12

    Stanford New Grad Summer 2014

    Wow! They're already calling! Mine still says in review too. Hopefully well hear soon boots.
  8. Hey everyone! I couldn't find a thread for Stanfords New Grad Residency that begins September 2014. Anyone heard anything? The X under my active status went away today? Is that a bad sign? Thanks in advance!