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  1. LiveFit99

    Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    Which part of "touch absolutely nothing" did you not understand?
  2. LiveFit99

    Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    Missing teeth, well that's part of the assessment. If it doesn't matter then why would I assess it? It tells you something about the health, or past care of the individual. My previous post was in response to the person who tried to make a point about gloving for a white vs black person, which is a silly comparison. Instead, I wanted to point out reasons I might use visual information to "discriminate" in regards to my personal safety. To the OP. Of course it's ridiculous to wear gloves to conduct an interview. Just like it's ridiculous to want nurses to foam everytime in and out of a room, even if they touch absolutely nothing.
  3. LiveFit99

    Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    What about gloving when somebody comes in who's obese unkempt unshowered looks methed out and missing a few teeth? But not gloving for a clean cut suburban mom? Discriminatory? Yes. Good critical thinking? Yes!
  4. LiveFit99

    Wearing gloves with HIV positive patients

    I could care less if it hurts a patients feelings when I put on gloves. It's for my safety. I often glove just to take blood pressure. And what about the mouse and keyboard at the computer? Ain't no way that things getting cleaned! Patients are in the hospital dying. Lots of bugs floating around. What might they carry that hasn't been diagnosed? What may be left in the room from the previous 37 patients? Plus, many are covered in feces, incontinent, fungus growing in skin folds, egg and soup spilled down their chest. They haven't taken good care of themselves for over 20 years which is why they have a diabetic amputation and CHF in the first place. What about that deserves risking my health to not hurt their feelings? This isn't shaking hands with your coworker at the business meeting.
  5. LiveFit99

    does working 12 hours on the floor count as exercise?

    Those are examples of light to moderate exercise. A brisk walk is typically categorized as moderate. Those things are healthy. However, research shows that "vigorous" exercise reduces all cause mortality. Things that make you sweat or out of breath... Sports like soccer or basketball, jogging, or heavy weight lifting. Ideally, at least 2 sessions per week of vigorous exercise.
  6. LiveFit99

    does working 12 hours on the floor count as exercise?

    Your time spent nursing is considered "activity", not exercise. Being active is good for general health and burning of calories, but it does not offer the same health benefits of vigorous exercise. Exercise is short-term, high intensity stress that pushes the limits of your maximal strength, endurance, and heart rate. Is a 20 minute walk the same as a 20 minute run? If so, then just run 100% of the day!
  7. What if some poor soul bought bitcoin after reading the initial post and bought for $1,700? Now they're left with a popped bubble and only $12,000. And what do you mean "no intrinsic value". A $600 billion market says that's false. I can use crypto and send someone $10,000 in an hour or less to the other side of the planet. A bank wire can take 3 days, despite what you see in the movies. Ethereum can build a secure digital voting platform. Companies and researchers can use Golem to buy access to cloud supercomputing. But you think a tulip has more value.
  8. Got to love those "I told you so" types. Bitcoin has experience some 6 or so crashes of 40+%. Yet, do you realize Bitcoin is still up over 1000% in the last year? I can live with that kind of "pop". Even if the OP missed the recent top, those 20 coins are worth roughly $220,000. Now, who's ready for the stock market crash of 2018?
  9. LiveFit99

    New ICU nurse wants some kind words

    My unit gets the sickest patients in the entire state. Of course I want to work with them while on orientation. However, I question if it was appropriate to have one of the sickest patients on my 4th shift! What about starting with more stable patients to learn the basics and become familiar with equipment and procedure? Instead, I had a crashing patient while being yelled orders across the room to work equipment I didn't know how to use, then belittled for not performing well. I don't feel that's a good learning environment. I've since changed preceptors and have had some shifts with more stable patients where I can go at a slower pace that allows me to learn along the way.
  10. LiveFit99

    New ICU nurse wants some kind words

    So I just started at a new Lev 1 teaching hospital in the MICU. I have previous 1 year experience at a sub med/surg level. They take in new grads so they were willing to take me on and train me. I'm paired with a 20+ year veteran who has suggested several times that maybe ICU isn't for me, which is terribly discouraging. Although I've had some easy patients, on shift #4 the preceptor chose a patient with: had previously coded hemodynamically unstable, BP would crash just from being turned 3 pressors insulin drip multiple antibiotics and vitamin infusions CRRT vented Art line ABP monitoring CVP monitoring bladder pressure monitoring pt was up 10+L of fluid in the past 24 hours An alarm or something needed changed about every 10 minutes (or more) for the entire shift. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to learn simple things like assessment and charting, different supplies vs my last hospital, where things are located on the floor, the paging system. I felt it was pretty rough to say I needed more initiative, that I needed to handle a steeper learning curve to start my 2nd week on the floor. I'm expected to have 8-12 weeks orientation so why the pressure so early?
  11. LiveFit99

    Male student enters OB room. What do you think?

    If you and your family have never had a good male nurse then the problem is clearly with you. Be assured the nurses did not enjoy you as patients either. It's time to seek care for the mental health problems you alluded to.
  12. LiveFit99

    Everyone is failing out...

    By "failing" do you mean getting below 80%? Just one class below 80 meant dropped from my nursing program. Deal with it or change majors.
  13. LiveFit99

    Transitioning from school to career

    Hmmm. I applied to nursing jobs. Went on interviews. Accepted a position. Transition completed!
  14. LiveFit99

    NCLEX anxiety

    1. DGAF 2. Pass the test = anxiety gone I dunno. It was pretty easy. I studied about 3 hours over 4 weeks then took it. 75 questions...DONE!
  15. LiveFit99

    Do you still have energy to cook after a 12 hour shift?

    I rarely work 3 shifts in a row, so the night before my next 1-2 shifts I cook enough to cover dinner for a few days. Another option, I make a fruit smoothie in the morning (strawberry, peach, some milk, add spinach if you don't mind it looking like C.diff...something like that) with my nutribullet, throw in a scoop of protein powder. Around 17-1800 I start sipping on that, maybe eat a handful of nuts. When I get home at 1930+, I just eat a few cheese and crackers to finish my "dinner". It manages my 5pm hunger, and keeping my calories in check to lose 0.5 lbs per week :)