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  1. L&DinOregon

    Possible Navy or Airforce

    I seem to always come back to the idea and desire to serve as a military nurse. I graduated almost two years ago. I saw a counselor for some anxiety/coping (multiple family deaths in a short time) over that summer and began the application for navy and was denied ability to go to MEPS about 8 months after I stopped going due to that diagnosis. Its now been almost two years since I have had any issues with anxiety that needed extra support/treatment etc. I now have also worked in L&D my desired specialty for over 6 months. I'm not quite ready to apply (I would like to have 1 year before I do). However I was wondering if anyone has had similar experience or know if it was mostly a time issue and if I would be likely to be accepted this time?
  2. L&DinOregon

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    Congrats to everyone that heard back for second interviews! Well best of luck to everyone in the job hunt really :) Curious if anyone heard of anyone getting a call for women's health at all?
  3. L&DinOregon

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    Any updates, anyone know if any calls from L&D have gone out?
  4. L&DinOregon

    To apply or not to apply?

    Well I applied before the one year mark by two days and got booted out by the computer screening. It came back saying I didn't meet minimum qualifications and that was the only one listed in the description. I got my answer, so for others out there it might be worth it to just wait the few days so that you make it past the computer :)
  5. L&DinOregon

    clinical job

    Check craigslist if you aren't see in any posted on major area health system websites.
  6. L&DinOregon

    To apply or not to apply?

    So I am very quickly approaching my one year nursing anniversary. There is a new grad residency program that I applied to that the cut off is one year experience at the application deadline. I should hear back about a second interview in the next month. The question is that the regular job listing for the same health system wants one year nursing experience and there are two full time positions open in my first choice specialty. Should I apply for them right now, wait till next week when I hit one year or wait and see about the new grad program? I am definitely leaning more towards applying sooner but am debating if waiting for the application until I hit the exact one year mark, will a few days really matter?
  7. L&DinOregon

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    Hope everyones interviews went well and everyone updates if they hear back! Let the waiting game begin
  8. L&DinOregon

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    I am at 0815. Some people think that earlier is better as the interviewer will be more alert and as the day goes on the interviews muddle together making it harder to stand out. I don't think that in this case it has much effect if you interview well time of day doesn't matter. I would be curious to know how randomly (if at all) times were assigned to people though.
  9. L&DinOregon

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    Everyone gets an initial interview as long as you met criteria and turned in all required documents. So first interview still doesn't mean much of anything. You used to schedule your interview time as opposed to it being assigned. Also before all you had was the one 15-20 minute interview and then you left. This round you have the one interview schedule and then have the remaining time in the hour to talk to all other nurse leader. This is the big change and the one that makes me nervous just because more people that I want to impress. It's also exciting that they made this change as it is an awesome chance to network and interview with staff from multiple facilities/units. Also they no longer have phone interviews for those out of the area.
  10. L&DinOregon

    Legacy RN Versant Residency Program Summer 2015

    I went through the initial interview last summer but didn't get a second interview, I have been working since then and am hoping this time will be better. The interview process is much different than last time from what the interview confirmation email stated. They have made quite a few changes which make me a little nervous.
  11. L&DinOregon

    Navy Reserves vs. Active Duty advice

    I graduated in may of 2014 and have been working in home health and ambulatory care setting since graduation. However my dream is L&D as I hope to become a CNM. I have looked around at the different branches and for a multitude of reasons have decided that the Navy is the branch that will best fit. I thought that I had basically decided that reserves were what I wanted (I love my coworkers, where I live etc.). My thoughts were that I would be able to begin working on my masters and stay at home and keep my current job while serving in the military. Getting into L&D where I live is highly competitive and despite multiple attempts and getting close I have not been able to. However after meeting with the recruiter and beginning paperwork I am reconsidering active duty. My recruiter made it seem that L&D may even be possible as a first station because from what they had seen there is definitely a need in the navy but if not transferring in after 18 months would be highly likely. I want to see if others in the navy had any thoughts or advice to add to this while i discuss this with my family.
  12. L&DinOregon

    Air Force reserves

    The only branch that does not require bsn is the national guard
  13. L&DinOregon

    Frontier University CNM program

    I would love to hear of people experiences going through the program and establishing practice. However my main question is in regard to the prerequisite physical assessment class, It was integrated throughout my BSN I need to take a 3 credit physical assessment course, If I take it through frontier it will be almost 2000 dollars. I am curious if anyone knows of any more cost effective options either online or in the Portland Oregon area that would meet this requirement before I commit the money for one class.
  14. L&DinOregon

    new nurse, navy spouse, and possibly new mom. help

    Maybe just volunteer until you move to stay competitive and gaining some valuable experience. I would still look for a job when you move if I were you, having a baby isn't something that they can ask about during an interview.
  15. L&DinOregon

    Thank you letter- help!

    Thank you! I sent it out and addressed it to all panel members. Now the hard part... The waiting game begins
  16. L&DinOregon

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    I am going to be applying if I don't receive any hospital job offers before the application opens up. I will be going for women's health specialty track of the program. I graduated in May and have been working in home health for three years.