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jessicaRN32 specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. jessicaRN32

    LTC 101: What To Expect

    I've been working at a LTC facility for 9 months, and you have VERY accurately explained my feelings/experience while working there. I thought it was just me!
  2. jessicaRN32

    G - tube

    I work in a long term care facility and I have a resident that has a G - tube. This resident is prescribed liquid morphine (1 cc). Some people administer it through the G - tube, and some people administer it orally so that it can dissolve in the res...
  3. jessicaRN32

    First med-surg job

    Thanks everyone for their advice! I'm so excited to learn and practice the skills I went to school for (and learn new ones)!
  4. jessicaRN32

    State Surveyors

    Could I get some feedback on different people's experiences while the state surveyors were at your LTC facility? And maybe some rules and such that I should keep in mind when I am in this situation in the future. Thanks!
  5. jessicaRN32

    How to stay afloat as a new nurse in LTC

    It will get better! I've been an LPN and have been working at my first nursing job at a LTC facility since November '13. We have up to a 30 resident load (depending on residents being LOA, in the hospital, etc..). It does get overwhelming at times wi...
  6. jessicaRN32

    Gulf Coast State College Spring 2014 Class

    Would you mind informing me on how the transition program is going? I am hoping to take that class in the fall. I know what information we will go over, but I have absolutely no idea about the structure of the class (meeting times, days, how the info...
  7. jessicaRN32

    Gulf Coast State College Spring 2014 Class

    Hi everyone! I am an LPN hoping to transition into the RN program in January '15, so I will be with those that began this semester! I'm taking my last finals this week for my last prerequisites and hopefully taking the transition class in the fall. H...
  8. jessicaRN32

    First med-surg job

    Hi nurses! I am a new LPN and have been working at my first nursing job in a LTC facility for about 6 months. While LTC nursing is definitely a specialty of it's own (and I love it), I feel that it would be beneficial for me to do some hospital work ...
  9. jessicaRN32

    Nursing Supervisor

    I've seen that a lot in the LTC facility that I work at. What have you found that is the best way to end a note? I am a fairly new nurse, so I love hearing different people's opinions.